Preventing Your Senior Loved One from Slips and Falls

August 29th, 2017 by John Wilson

Falls are one of the biggest safety concerns for seniors. While anyone can experience a fall, the elderly are at an increased risk and can experience a vast array of serious injuries as a result. The best assisted living facilities in Oklahoma City take great pride in making sure their living arrangements are as safe as possible. However, if your loved one is still aging in place or you want to take extra precautions, there are things you can do to assist senior care services in OKC to prevent these falls.

Place Lights

Seniors often wake up in the night to use the bathroom. However, this can create a serious hazard because they can’t see well and are more susceptible to tripping over things. For this reason, it’s best to place nightlights throughout their living area to help guide them at night. Place one in the bedroom, one in the hall and one in the bathroom so they can easily see where they are going.

Use Assistive Devices

Balance is one of the leading contributors to falls among seniors. This is why they often seek assisted living services to help keep them safer. Installing and using various assistive devices can go a long way toward decreasing the risk of falls in your senior’s living space. Placing railings along the walls, particularly in the bathroom where the floor can be slippery, gives the elderly something they can hang onto as they walk. Canes and walkers can also be used to get around, helping to keep the elderly stable as they remain active.

Senior safety is a primary concern at the best assisted living facilities.

The best assisted living facilities are safer for seniors.

Get Their Eyes Checked

Eyesight is another primary cause of falls because seniors may have a difficult time identifying obstacles in their way. It’s important to check your loved one’s current prescription to ensure it is up-to-date. You may also want to consider avoiding tinted lenses because moving from the outdoors into a darker interior space can be a serious hazard when wearing tinted glasses. These glasses should either be changed out when entering the home or your loved one should stand in place until the lenses adjust to the darker lighting.

Stay Active

Seniors who are more active while using assisted living services are less likely to experience a fall that leads to a serious injury. This is why it’s important for the elderly to implement some level of exercise into their daily lives. Even if this means taking a simple walk around the grounds, it can make a major difference in your loved one’s ability to balance.

Senior care services in OKC understand the importance of keeping seniors safe in their own living space. However, this responsibility shouldn’t lie on their shoulders alone. There are steps you can take that will reduce your loved one’s risk of falls and ensure they have a much lower risk of experiencing a serious injury that could cause problems for the remainder of their lives.

If you’re looking for the best assisted living facilities in Oklahoma City, contact us. We take pride in providing the safest living accommodations for our aging residents.

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