Popular Computer Apps for Seniors

April 30th, 2015 by John Wilson

Assisted living communities help seniors use the latest apps.

Assisted living communities offer access to technology.

Today’s seniors are becoming more technologically savvy than previous generations. In fact, assisted living communities often provide computers and Internet connections to encourage the use of technology to keep in touch with family and friends and to make life easier. Those living in senior living communities can often benefit from a number of computer apps designed to improve their quality of life.


One of the most difficult aspects of life for those in assisted living in Oklahoma City is remembering to take your medication. In addition to having to remember to take multiple mediations, some of them need to be taken at certain times of the day, which can make remembering even more difficult. With the Pillboxie app, seniors can schedule their medication, including what each pill looks like, to ensure they take the right pills at the right times.


While you likely have your old favorites, finding new foods can be an exciting part of growing older. In assisted living communities, you often have the choice of eating in the dining room or preparing your own meals. If you prefer to cook your own food, AllRecipes makes it easy to choose an ingredient and recipe type and find new recipes to try.

Red Panic Button

If you suffer from a medical condition or at an increased risk of falls due to your behaviors, even if you are living in assisted living in Oklahoma City, the Red Panic Button can be a useful tool. This app allows you to choose a recipient. When you fall and open this app, the chosen individual will receive a text and will know you need assistance.


Certain activities are designed to keep your brain active, which is just as important as maintaining a physically active lifestyle. Lumosity is a great brain training activity that can help you battle against the loss of brain cells and the development of dementia. This game can improve problem solving, attention span, memory and processing speed.


If the words on the page are becoming too small to read, even with the help of your eye glasses, this app is a great addition to your smartphone or tablet. The app uses the device’s camera and enlarges a book’s text so you can more easily read it.


As you get older, aches, pains and other issues become a common occurrence for those in senior living communities. Instead of heading to the doctor at every symptom, the WebMD symptom tracker app can help you determine if the problem is potentially serious. However, it should never be used in place of your doctor’s diagnosis.

Every day, more apps are created to improve quality of life for everyone, including seniors in assisted living communities. This list of apps can give you a good starting point to ensure you have just what you need to enjoy life to its fullest.

If you’re looking for assisted living in Oklahoma City that understands the importance of technology for seniors, contact us. We make it easy for seniors to make use of all the tools available.

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