Personalities That Do Well Adjusting to Assisted Living

July 2nd, 2015 by John Wilson

Find out if your loved one will thrive in assisted living facilities.

Some personalities do better in assisted living facilities.

Making the decision to move to assisted living facilities isn’t typically an easy one. However, when it becomes necessary for your elderly loved one to move into senior living communities in Oklahoma City, it’s important to evaluate whether they will do well with the transition or if they will need additional assistance. The following personalities typically do well in these situations.

Extroverts Who Have Become Isolated

Extroverts thrive on interactions with other people. If your loved one has lost a spouse and can no longer get around to see family and friends, senior living can be the ideal place for them. At assisted living facilities, individuals will be able to make new friends and spend plenty of time with other people. In fact, assisted living homes often take pride in the social activities they host to keep their seniors active and happy.

Those Who Love Adventure

Moving to a new home can be an adventure for those who enjoy something new. Senior living communities in Oklahoma City can provide your loved one with plenty of things to do to keep their sense of adventure alive and well. Those who thrive on adventure are more likely to enjoy this move, even if it means leaving their former home behind.

Independent seniors do bets in senior living communities.

Senior living communities can be a great place for independent seniors.

Individuals Who Are Independent

One of the greatest benefits of senior living in assisted living situations is the amount of independence the elderly have. They won’t feel like they have someone watching over them at all times. They can live their own lives in their apartment and only seek out help when they need it. This allows them to maintain their sense of independence without putting them at risk of harm because no one is there to watch over them when needed.

Seniors Who Love the Amenities

Living in your own home means it’s up to you to find ways to stay entertained. This is why many seniors become isolated; they have no reliable methods of getting around and may not know how to plan activities for themselves. At assisted living facilities, there are plenty of activities to enjoy, including regular outings, game nights and more, allowing seniors to stay active and social with no additional effort.

Those with Family Nearby

It’s a proven fact that individuals in senior living with family nearby handle the transition better and receive higher quality care. When family members are checking in with their loved ones and their care providers, they can be sure their aging relatives are well-cared for.

While some seniors fight back against moving to senior living communities in Oklahoma City, you can help make the transition easier by understanding what type of personality your loved one has. There are many personalities that do well with this transition, allowing you to get your loved one the help they need while letting them live their lives the way they want. Paying attention to everything the community has to offer and comparing it with your loved one’s personality will help you make the best choice.

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