Packing Tips for Moving Your Parents to Assisted Living

November 16th, 2017 by John Wilson

Your loved one has finally made the decision to move to an assisted living center in OKC. While it is often difficult for seniors to take this important step in their life, it can be just as complicated for adult children to help. It is important to help your aging parents pack for the move so they can make the right choices and have everything they need to live comfortably in their new home.

Give Them a Choice

You may feel like you have a clear idea of what your senior loved one needs to take with them, but this vision may directly conflict with what they want. Assisted living communities in Oklahoma City may have some requirements that need to be followed. However, when it comes to making the final cut for what should go to their new home and what should be either disposed of or stored, the final say should lie with your parents. This will help reduce the amount of conflict that occurs during the moving process.

Sort Everything

The truth is if your senior loved one is moving from a house to a small apartment in assisted living for seniors, they will need to downsize, sometimes dramatically. This can be a difficult thing to process for many elderly individuals. However, you can  help make this task easier by helping them sort everything. Create one pile for everything they want to take with them. The rest of their belongings can be sorted by what should be thrown away, what they would like to donate and what they would like to give to a friend or family member. In this stage, it’s also important to give your parent a say in the decisions.

Learn how to help make the move to assisted living for seniors.

Making the move to assisted living for seniors should be a joint effort.

Find Out What They Need

Taking a tour of the assisted living center in OKC can help give you an idea of what your parents should pack for the move. If their apartment will include a kitchen, they will need to take dishes, cooking implements, pots, pans and even food with them. They should also plan to take entertainment items like a television and radio, as well as any furnishings they would like to take and their personal effects. Some assisted living communities will have a list of what is and isn’t allowed in their apartments. Follow this list closely to avoid conflict.

Get Help

Moving your parents can be a major undertaking. This is why it’s important to involve as many people as possible. Talk to your siblings and plan for a time when as many of them as possible can be there to help. In addition to your siblings, consider enlisting the help of other family members if you need it. The more people who can help, the faster the process will be.

If you’re ready to help your parents make the move to assisted living communities in Oklahoma City, contact us. We will help you determine what you should encourage your parents to pack so they will be comfortable and feel at home.

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