Overcoming Objections Your Senior Parent May Have About Assisted Living

February 1st, 2018 by John Wilson

It isn’t uncommon for seniors to protest the idea of moving into assisted living care in OKC. They may worry about losing their independence or they may simply not want to move away from the home they have called their own for so long. However, in many cases, affordable assisted living is a necessity as individuals age and begin to struggle with handling some of the daily tasks of living on their own. It’s up to you to overcome their objections so they feel more comfortable with the idea and understand what it means.

Fear of Change

It can be difficult for anyone to move into a new, unfamiliar place. Seniors often feel a lot of their control slipping away, whether it’s over their health or even over their ability to live independently. If you bring up the idea to your aging loved one, they may worry about being placed in a new living environment, surrounded by unfamiliar people. To help combat this issue, it may be time to have a conversation about these concerns. Sometimes taking a tour of an assisted living facility can provide peace of mind and assurance they will fit right in and actually enjoy themselves.

Not Enough Money

Seniors are often on a limited income, whether they receive retirement payments from a past job or they are relying on government programs like Social Security. This can cause them to feel as if they can’t afford to pay for new living arrangements. The good news is there are options for affordable assisted living in Oklahoma City. There are also many programs that are available to help make paying for assisted living a reality for seniors who may not have saved up enough to cover the costs. Learning more about these programs can help your loved one understand assisted living can be a good option for them. You may also want to sit down with them and go over their finances so they can confidently know exactly where they stand.

Many seniors can benefit from assisted living care.

Assisted living care can benefit many seniors.

Won’t Fit In

Meeting new people can be intimidating at any stage in life. At a time when seniors are losing the family members and friends they have had for many years, it can be even more difficult to make new friends. They may fear moving into assisted living care in OKC will leave them feeling isolated and alone. This is another reason to go over the documentation for any assisted living facility you are considering to show your loved one what they can expect from the living environment. Taking a tour can also provide peace of mind. They will be able to meet people before committing to living there and may feel more comfortable doing so when you are with them. This can assure them they will get along with at least some of the other residents.

Affordable assisted living may not be an option for everyone, but many of the common concerns seniors have are unfounded. It’s up to you to talk to them about their fears and help them evaluate the prospect of assisted living so they can feel more confident this choice is the right one for them.

If you’re interested in affordable assisted living in Oklahoma City for your loved one, contact us. We can help you allay their fears and determine if this is the right option for them.

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