Overcoming Differences of Opinions When Placing a Parent in Assisted Living

June 18th, 2015 by John Wilson

Senior living can cause disagreement among siblings.

Learn to work together when making decisions on senior living.

As parents age, their children often become responsible for handling their affairs, including making the decision to move their parent to senior living in Oklahoma City. However, siblings often have difficulty reaching the same conclusion. This can lead to many disagreements that threaten to damage relationships and place unnecessary stress on the family. Learning how to handle these disagreements can help make the transition to affordable assisted living facilities easier for everyone.

Learn the Facts      

The first step is to make sure everyone knows all the facts about assisted living communities in OKC, such as “how much does assisted living cost?” Many people are hesitant to move their parents into senior living because they have misconceptions or think they are just like nursing homes. Affordable assisted living facilities do exist and offer the elderly the freedom they want paired with the care they need. Once your siblings know the facts, the decision may become easier.

Talk to Others

If your parents are still of sound mind, ask them what they think of senior living in Oklahoma City. Many seniors are ready to make the move and crave the socialization these facilities often provide, making life easier and more enjoyable. Talking to your friends who have made the same decision can also give you personal insight that can help you present the option to your siblings. Sometimes an outside opinion can go a long way toward helping individuals feel at ease about their decision.

Involve the Experts

The experts know how difficult this type of decision can be for families and can offer valuable insight to aid in making an informed decision. Your aging parent’s doctor can also be a beneficial resource. Many children are in denial of their parents’ inability to live alone. Opening their eyes to the challenges and risks of seniors living alone can often help in making the decision easier.

Talk to Each Other

At the end of the day, it’s important for siblings to work together for the benefit of their parents. Recommending assisted living facilities doesn’t mean you are failing your parents. In fact, it can be a gift they will appreciate, allowing them to enjoy their senior years to their fullest. Talk to your siblings about this decision, expressing your concerns and asking about theirs. When you take the time to communicate, everyone will feel heard and the decision can be made together.

Many people have a falsely negative impression of affordable assisted living facilities. They may have heard commercials about nursing home neglect and thus fear any situation that even resembles a nursing home. However, affordable assisted living facilities are much different. In fact, they make senior living in Oklahoma City even better. Making this decision together is important so talk to your siblings and find ways to help them see what’s right for your aging parents.

If you’re looking for assisted living communities in OKC for your aging parents, contact us. We can help guide you through the process so you and your siblings can reach a decision together.

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