Oklahoma Senior Living and Assisted Living Trends for 2016

February 23rd, 2016 by John Wilson

Assisted living trends in 2016 include technology.

Technology is one of the biggest assisted living trends in 2016.

Moving into retirement in larger numbers, the Baby Boom generation is driving some of the most important and exciting assisted living trends for 2016. Naturally, some of these trends are reminiscent of those this generational cohort set in motion during the 1960s and ’70s, such as senior co-living arrangements that resemble communes in form and function. Other trends are driven by advancements in communication technologies, impacting not just how people interact socially, but also how health care and other supportive services are provided. It’s a great time for Oklahoma senior living.

Moving Away From the Nursing Home Setting

Assisted living has proven to be a game-changer when it comes to senior living options. This year, the trend away from traditional nursing home care is expected to pick up steam. With the assisted care model, seniors who do need some assistance can still enjoy an active and fulfilling life, something that often isn’t possible in the institutional setting of the typical nursing home. Assisted living allows for a far more individualized, holistic degree of care that enables seniors to retain as much independence as possible. It offers a better, more satisfying quality of life and better outcomes, so much so the assisted care model is influencing the entire elder care industry.

Technology Helps Fuel That Change

Assisted living in Oklahoma City and other regions can expect to see communication technologies play a greater role in helping seniors lead active, socially connected lives. Smart phones, tablets and computers are quickly being adopted by seniors as the ideal way to communicate with family, friends and health care providers. Virtual appointments and consultations are proving to be a cost-effective way to provide top-notch health care. Smart phones can help seniors keep track of medications, dietary needs and physical activity goals. They are also valuable for helping seniors maintain their independence because assistance is just a phone call away in the event of a fall or other problem.

Seniors get socialization in assisted living.

Assisted living is a place for seniors to socialize.

More Attention to Amenities

Another important trend in senior living this year is the movement toward paying more attention to amenities. From affordable assisted living centers to the most exclusive retirement communities, amenities have taken on a new importance. That’s because staying active and mentally engaged is one of the best possible things for both physical and mental health. Today’s senior has a wide variety of interests, and weekly crafts classes, movie nights and board games just aren’t going to cut it. Oklahoma senior living can be expected to take part in seeking ways to help the golden years shine with exciting and interesting opportunities.

Residential Planning for Community Involvement

This year, expect to see more assisted living communities developing with ongoing community involvement in mind. Seniors are more likely to continue working and volunteering in their communities when they are living in locations that make it convenient to do such things, such as near downtown areas or business centers. This is an exciting trend because seniors have a lot to offer their communities, and facilitating that benefits everybody involved.

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