Oklahoma Is One of the Most Affordable States in the U.S. for Assisted Living

November 17th, 2015 by John Wilson

Find affordable assisted living in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma is home to affordable assisted living.

When it’s time to contemplate where to retire, a big consideration for most people is finding a state that offers affordable assisted living. At any age, housing is typically a major expense. That expense skyrockets when it’s combined with the need for hands-on care as one ages. It only makes sense to determine where you can get the biggest bang for your buck in terms of assisted living care. With research, you’ll find Oklahoma consistently ranks in the top five most affordable states for eldercare. That’s great news for seniors who are seeking a balance between affordability and outstanding quality of life.

A Look at the Most Affordable Options

According to cost comparisons conducted by the federal government and by senior citizen advocacy groups, five states consistently top the list for providing the most affordable senior care. Here are the approximate average costs you can expect to incur for a one-bedroom assisted-living unit.

Beyond these numbers, the costs only increase across the other 45 states and the District of Columbia. That makes Oklahoma a smart retirement choice.

You can easily find affordable assisted living in Oklahoma City.

Affordable assisted living in Oklahoma City is easy to find.

Another Variable to Consider: Medical and Hospital Costs

Besides researching a state’s assisted living costs, it’s wise to also compare medical and hospital expenses in the states you’re considering for retirement. In 2013, the federal government released the results of a study that compared the costs of 100 of the most common inpatient medical procedures. The study, which evaluated amounts at more than 3,000 hospitals across the country, concluded rates for the same procedure varied wildly from hospital to hospital. Sometimes there was a huge cost discrepancy even between multiple hospitals in the same city.

Consider the cost disparity for one of the most common procedures among seniors: joint replacement. As you may expect, the least expensive states were in the less-populous northern states of Montana, South Dakota and Idaho, where cost of living generally is much lower. The average joint replacement in those states was nearly $35,300. Oklahoma ranked a solid fourth on the affordability list (with a state average of just over $42,500 for a joint replacement). Compare that to other southern states like Mississippi and Tennessee, where the average cost of a joint replacement is over $48,000.

The Sooner State Welcomes You! 

Oklahoma is a friendly, vibrant place people of all ages can enjoy. For seniors, the added benefit of affordable assisted living in Oklahoma City is too enticing to pass up. Oklahoma’s capital city is a dynamic place to live where you’ll enjoy four distinct seasons and cultural and recreational opportunities year-round. Additionally, Oklahoma is centrally located, which makes visits to and from out-of-state loved ones much more convenient.

If you’re looking for a compassionate, affordable assisted living center, contact us at Village of Oakwood. We’re proud to be OKC’s first affordable assisted living center.

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