Most Memory Loss Issues Are Common in Older Adults: Here’s Why

November 18th, 2014 by John Wilson

Do your memory issues require living assistance?

Those who suffer from memory loss often need living assistance.

Memory loss among seniors in assisted living communities may be common, but it is not necessarily an unavoidable part of the aging process. You may forget where you put your keys, draw a blank on someone’s name or can’t remember an important phone number. As a senior in assisted living in Oklahoma City, you wonder if it a “senior moment” of normal forgetfulness or a cause for concern.

Age-Related Memory Changes

As we age, our body goes through physiological changes. Our memory’s speed and accuracy begin to slow down starting around age 25, and it keeps going from there. This can cause problems in brain functions we’ve always had but never thought much about before. It takes more time to learn and remember information. We’re not as fast as we were in the past. Often this slowdown of our mental processes is mistaken for real memory loss. In most cases, the information will return to mind if we give ourselves enough time.

The brain can produce new brain cells no matter how old you are, which means substantial memory loss is not an unavoidable part of aging; however, you need to “exercise” your brain, just as you exercise your muscles to stay strong. Your lifestyle, daily activities and health habits play a huge role in your brain’s health.

Reversible Reasons for Memory Loss

At times, what appears to be substantial memory loss can be the result of correctable conditions and changeable outside factors. Here are two potential causes of memory loss that can be reversed with medical help:

Forgetfulness is common among older adults in assisted living communities and can be frustrating. Most of the time, there is no reason to be concerned. There is a big difference between age-related memory changes and dementia.

If you are concerned your aging loved one has memory issues and needs living assistance, contact us. The staff at our facility for assisted living in Oklahoma City will make sure your loved one receives the right care to meet his or her needs.

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