Medications That Can Be Harmful for Seniors

November 13th, 2014 by John Wilson

Assisted living communities can monitor medications.

Assisted living communities can ensure seniors are taking the right medication.

In a society that seems to be medicating our medication, seniors in assisted living communities are at an especially high risk of dangerous prescription side effects. It’s no secret the elderly demographic typically requires more medication than the rest of the population. As a result, you or your loved one could be at risk.

Increased Falls Due to Medication

Certain medications significantly increase the threat of falls amongst the aging. The hard fact is, some ailments require medications, regardless of the side-effects. For 70 percent of patients over 70 years old who take anti-hypertensive medication to lower blood pressure, the risk of falls and fractures seems almost unavoidable.

The New York Times recently conducted an interview with Dr. Mary Tinetti of Yale Medical School, who states, “The prevailing notion is that these medications are safe, with very few adverse effects.” However, Tinetti goes on to say, “Serious fall injuries are as likely to lead to death or lasting functional disability.” So are these anti-hypertensive medications worth potential injuries brought on by a fall?

Drugs to Avoid

It’s not only blood pressure medications that may prove to be threatening to your aging loved one. Below is a list featured in Health Day News, detailing additional drugs with potentially hazardous outcomes.The following Beers List of Medications contains dangers not only associated with falls and frail bones. Some of these drugs can cause adverse effects to the nervous system and heart, ultimately leading to the shortened lifespan of your loved one.

As a senior and resident of assisted living in Oklahoma City, you might consider avoiding these medications. Fortunately, there are healthy alternatives to the drugs used to combat many of these ailments.

If you are concerned your aging loved one needs help due to side effects brought on by medication, contact us. Our senior assisted living facility in Oklahoma City is equipped to handle this and other senior health issues.

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