Managing Diabetes in Seniors

February 13th, 2018 by John Wilson

There’s a reason many seniors suffer from diabetes. According to the American Diabetes Association, the risk of developing type 2 diabetes increases to as much as one in four individuals after the age of 60. This makes it important for not only seniors, but also their caregivers, to learn how to properly manage the disease so seniors can live a healthier lifestyle in their later years. Because diabetes in seniors carries a much higher risk of death and other complications, the best assisted living facilities in OKC will know how to handle residents with this condition.

Proper Testing

Once a senior is diagnosed with diabetes, this isn’t the last of the testing that must take place. It’s important to teach seniors how to test their blood sugar on a regular basis to ensure their medication is working properly in managing the disease. Seniors with diabetes should also be screened for depression because these seniors are often at a higher risk of isolation and may not have the support they need. They should also be monitored for high blood pressure, cholesterol and other related issues. A1C blood sugar levels should also be checked regularly because this gives a clear picture of the effectiveness of treatment.

Medication Management

For many seniors, medication is a necessity to help keep their diabetes symptoms under control. It’s important for these individuals to be carefully monitored by medical professionals to make any necessary adjustments and ensure the medication is working properly. For caregivers, whether in assisted senior living or living at home, it becomes critical to ensure seniors are taking their medication as instructed. Some assisted senior living facilities will offer medication management services to help.

Health dining options are available in assisted senior living.

Assisted senor living offers healthy dining options.

Eating Properly

When you look at various assisted living options in Oklahoma City, you will find they typically offer dining choices for their residents. While some seniors still enjoy preparing their own meals, at least on occasion, others find it much easier to share their meals in a dining hall with their peers. One of the advantages of choosing the dining options at assisted living facilities is they are often healthier and can be just what seniors need to better manage their diabetes.

Being Active Helps

Exercise is important for everyone, especially those in their senior years. When an individual is suffering from a condition like diabetes, this can become even more critical. Seniors who remain active will have an easier time keeping their diabetes symptoms and blood sugar levels on track. Medical professionals will be able to recommend the appropriate type of exercise for seniors, whether they can participate in more rigorous exercise programs or they need something more limited.

There are many ways in which seniors can more effectively  manage their diabetes. It’s important for both the patient and any caregivers in assisted senior living are experienced in handling this condition. This will ensure seniors can live as healthy of a life as possible.

If you’re looking for the best assisted living facilities in OKC to help with seniors who have diabetes, contact us. We can help you determine if your loved one will benefit from our care.

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