Living Alone Can Be Harmful to Seniors Mentally and Physically

September 13th, 2016 by John Wilson

Even though they may not want to live alone, many seniors find themselves living solo due to the death of a spouse and an unwillingness to move in with adult children. Often, seniors crave companionship but insist they are happy living alone because they don’t want to feel like a burden. If you have an aging relative who lives alone and you worry about him or her, your concerns are well-founded. You’re smart to encourage your loved one to consider transitioning to senior living in Oklahoma City. Moving to a quality Oklahoma assisted living facility can significantly improve seniors’ physical and mental well-being.

Concerns about Physical Well-Being Often Prompt the Senior Living Discussion

When families begin the discussion about moving an aging loved one into senior living, that discussion often is prompted by concerns for the senior’s physical well-being. Seniors who have physical problems or limited mobility are at a higher risk of falling; seniors and their loved ones worry about what might happen if a fall occurs and there is no one around to help. Additionally, many seniors struggle with memory lapses. When they depend on daily medications to keep them healthy, forgetting one or more doses or repeating doses can be dangerous. Another concern families have about their senior relatives is the risk of malnutrition. A surprisingly high number of seniors subsist on packaged foods that don’t deliver the nutrients they need. Many seniors routinely skip meals because they’re simply not motivated to eat.

Alleviate loneliness with assisted living.

Assisted living can help alleviate loneliness.

Seniors Who Live Alone Often Struggle with Loneliness

Most seniors who live alone, even those who have relatives living nearby, spend most of their time alone. It’s easy to understand why social isolation can lead to depression. The television is no substitute for a face-to-face conversation! Many studies conclude the social isolation of living alone can have physical manifestations, including an increase in heart disease, earlier onset dementia and a shorter lifespan. Sometimes, being around other people truly is the best medicine.

What Is Senior Living Really Like?

When you tour any senior living center in Oklahoma City, you will see a facility teeming with seniors and caregivers. When you tour the best facilities, you’ll see residents laughing and conversing with one another. You’ll see lively and inviting dining facilities where residents anticipate the meal they’re about to eat. You’ll see friendly staff members who sincerely care about the residents and value their role in keeping them safe. You’ll see visitors and posters alerting residents to fun special events like bingo, group exercise classes, outings or educational opportunities. In short, you will see seniors not languishing day after day alone in front of a TV set, but enjoying their lives. If that’s how you want your loved one to spend his or her golden years, contact us at Village at Oakwood!

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