It’s Never Too Late to Give Up Smoking

September 20th, 2018 by John Wilson

People start smoking for a number of reasons and at various ages. While some people are able to quit when they are younger, others continue smoking well into their senior years, even while in Oklahoma assisted living. The good news is there are so many more options available for quitting today than there were years ago. Those who are currently taking advantage of senior care services will be able to find the right option to ensure they give up this habit for good so they can better protect their health.

Health Benefits

Even if you have been smoking for many years, there are still health benefits to quitting, regardless of your age. You may already be suffering from some of the long-term consequences of smoking, but that doesn’t mean you won’t see some improvements to your health once you do quit.

Immediate Benefits

Elderly adults getting senior care in Oklahoma City, OK will often begin experiencing health benefits shortly after they quit smoking. In just 30 minutes, your heart rate will begin to return to normal. The more you smoked, the more significant this impact will be. About 48 hours after your last cigarette, your lungs will be clearer than they were since you’ve been smoking. Nicotine will completely leave your system within 72 hours of quitting. However, this means the first three days will likely be the most difficult. Beyond this point, you will likely see an increase in your energy levels and will be able to breathe easier.

There are tools for quitting smoking available in assisted living.

Assisted living can give seniors the tools to quit smoking.

Long-Term Benefits

The decision to quit smoking also comes with many long term benefits. Overall, non-smokers experience fewer colds and other respiratory problems because their lungs are in better shape. Quitting smoking also reduces an individual’s risks of developing certain types of heart disease, as well as some cancers. Although your risk will still be higher than the average due to having smoked previously, quitting will keep your risk factor from rising even further. Finally, seniors who quit smoking will save money because they will no longer be spending it on this often expensive habit.

Ways to Quit

While the ideal way to quit is to stop smoking altogether and move on, many people have too much difficulty giving it up cold turkey. The good news is there are many options available to help seniors stop smoking for good. There are many nicotine replacement options on the market, including nicotine gums and patches. Seniors can also try vaping, which allows them to enjoy the effects of nicotine without many of the negative elements associated with smoking cigarettes. However, the long-term impact of vaping is still not well known.

It can be beneficial for seniors to get help from their family members to make quitting easier. For instance, setting a day for quitting can go a long way toward making it a reality. Once the date is set, you can help your senior loved one by throwing away any cigarettes or other paraphernalia they have left. Offering emotional support and spending time with them to keep them occupied can also help ensure they can more easily work toward their goal of being smoke-free.

If you’re looking for senior care services that encourage their residents to quit smoking to live a healthier life, contact us. We provide a safe place for your loved one to make all the healthy lifestyle changes they need.

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