It’s Getting Hot Outside: Why Seniors Need to Stay Hydrated

July 6th, 2017 by John Wilson

Summer is in full swing and the temperatures are on the rise. This brings to the forefront the importance of senior safety as the weather often becomes too hot for them to handle. One of the biggest issues many seniors have is staying hydrated. This is partially due to the fact seniors have a more difficult time identifying when they are thirsty, often until they have already entered into the dangerous area of dehydration.

Stress on the Organs

As individuals age, their organs may begin to struggle to operate the way they should, whether due to normal aging processes or because of certain illnesses. Since these organs are primarily water, dehydration can have a drastic impact on their overall function. If organs are in an already weakened state, conditions can quickly grow worse, which can have a detrimental effect on an elderly person’s already frail health. Staying hydrated will reduce the amount of stress on these organs and help protect the aging from additional damage.

A major senior safety concern includes dehydration.

Proper hydration is part of senior safety.

Physical Discomfort

Many of the symptoms of dehydration in seniors will cause discomfort in many areas of their lives. When seniors don’t drink enough water throughout the day to keep them safe in the heat, they may experience discomforts such as dry mouth, muscle cramping, constipation and dry skin. As dehydration worsens, they may also go through periods of dizziness, act confused and develop a rapid heart rate accompanied by low blood pressure. Unfortunately, by the time many of these symptoms appear and are noticed by those at Oklahoma assisted living facilities, the damage is done and seniors are in serious trouble.

An Overall Feeling of Wellbeing

Senior care services in OKC understand the importance of keeping seniors hydrated so they can feel their best. The human body is primarily made of water, which means not drinking enough to replenish it as you sweat can lead to problems with many functions. The cells in your body are responsible for making energy you can use throughout the day. A lack of proper hydration will wear you down, especially seniors who already suffer from lower energy levels due to medications or medical conditions they have. Staying hydrated can also help with weight loss and a healthy metabolism.

As the weather heats up outside, it becomes even more important for seniors to drink enough water. An Oklahoma assisted living facility will encourage their residents to keep water with them at all times so they can continually sip the water and stay hydrated. They will also provide plenty of fruits and vegetables, which can also lend hydration to seniors.

At VIllage at Oakwood, we put senior safety at the forefront. Contact us to find out what we’re doing this summer to make sure our residents stay hydrated.

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