Is Your Senior Parent Mismanaging Their Medication?

November 14th, 2017 by John Wilson

If you ask the children or caregivers of seniors about their biggest concerns, one of the top answers is medication management. It isn’t uncommon for the elderly to become forgetful to a degree. This often means either missing doses of important medication or taking more than prescribed. Because these issues can have a significant impact on a senior’s health, it’s important to know what to look for so you can help your senior better manage their medications, even when in assisted living for seniors.

Judgment Concerns

Sometimes seniors are against taking medication if they think they don’t need it. This is why it’s important to attend doctor’s appointments with your senior loved one if you can so you can hear firsthand from the medical professionals whether your aging relative requires medication. If your loved one claims they don’t need to take their medication when they feel fine, you will need to either more closely monitor their usage or hire someone to help you with this important task.

Inconsistent Refills

Doctors typically prescribe medication so it must be refilled at the same time every month, which can help seniors remember when they should get more pills. However, if you notice your loved one isn’t getting their refills on a consistent basis, either by running out of their pills before they should or obtaining the refills over a longer interval, they aren’t likely taking it as prescribed. One of the best ways to monitor this is to volunteer to be the one to either take your relative to the pharmacy or pick it up for them. Assisted living for seniors in Oklahoma can provide assistance here as well.

Seniors can better manage their health in affordable assisted living.

Affordable assisted living helps seniors better manage their health.

A Large Number of Pills

It isn’t common for many seniors to be prescribed numerous medications and supplements to help manage one or several health conditions. This can make taking the pills at the right time more complicated, especially if memory issues are at play. Pills that look similar can further complicate the issues, along with the strict timing many medications require. Seniors who must take multiple medications may need assistance either arranging their pills in a pill organizer or with reminders.

Cost Issues

Another reason seniors are likely to mismanage their medication is due to the cost. While some medications are covered by insurance, many are not, which can force seniors to have to choose between taking care of other needs or purchasing the medication they require to stay healthy. If you notice  your loved one isn’t taking their prescribed medication because they are unable to pay for them, it’s time to step in. Talk to the doctor about alternatives and offer to help your loved one if you can. There are options to help make these medications more affordable for seniors.

Medication management is a serious concern when it comes to the wellbeing of seniors. Affordable assisted living in Oklahoma City can help seniors keep track of their medications and ensure they are taking them as prescribed. This can give families peace of mind their loved ones are well cared for.

If you’re looking for an option to help your loved one better manage medication, contact us. Our assisted living for seniors can provide the solutions you seek.

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