Is There a Link Between Poor Sleeping Habits and Cognitive Impairment or Stroke?

April 19th, 2016 by John Wilson

America is full of hard workers. Everyone at assisted living communities in OKC can attest to this. A rough night’s sleep is no reason to shrug off responsibilities the next morning. Coffee was invented for a reason! While many people turn to this solution, it isn’t always the best option. It’s important to learn more about the cause of your fatigue.

The Downsides of Poor Sleep

While you probably learned how to downplay any bad night’s rest, it’s unlikely this is a healthy habit. A lack of quality sleep has been shown to cause a number of potential health issues.

Recently, a study from the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences found men with sleeping disorders had nearly a two and a half times greater chance of a heart attack. Not only that, these men who had bad sleep habits have a four times higher risk when it came to suffering a stroke.

While this isn’t new information, the statistical analysis is staggering. Researchers have known men with bad sleep habits suffered from chronic pain to low testosterone to dementia and much more at higher rates.

Healthy sleeping habits are encouraged at assisted living communities.

Assisted living communities encourage healthy sleeping habits.

Sound Sleep and Brain Health

Getting a great night’s rest does more for your body than prepare you for the next day. Deep sleep is necessary for overall cognitive function and improvement. To improve your thinking through sleep,  most research suggests seven to nine hours is best. While some people state they don’t need that much sleep, this if often due to their body operating at sub-optimal levels, which can lead to numerous health issues in later life.

How to Get Better Sleep

If sleep has become a problem for you, there are a few precautions to take that can improve your shuteye. The first tip to improve your sleep is to create an environment conducive to sleep. No computers, cell phones, tablets or televisions in the bedroom. Don’t bring any work-related items into bed.

Next, it’s vital to keep your circadian rhythms in sync. Focus on finding a reasonable sleep schedule. Get into a sleeping routine where you’re in bed at the same time every evening. Turn off the lights at the same time each night and set your alarm for a similar time each morning. This allows your body to know what to expect and will improve the quality of your sleep.

Is There a Link Between Poor Sleeping Habits and Cognitive Impairment or Stroke?

There is a link between poor bedtime habits and a variety of health issues. Without great sleep, you’re putting your life in danger.  Here at the Village at Oakwood, the premier Oklahoma assisted living community, we understand the value of your sleep.

If you’re looking into senior living in Oklahoma City, contact us. Your sleep is important to us because your overall well-being is our job.

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