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Is It Time To Move Your Senior Parent to Assisted Living?

Assisted living options may be the best choice for your loved one.

No one likes to think about the day when they may need to look at assisted living options for their aging parents. However, the time may come when assisted living is the best option for maintaining independence while giving them access to the care they require. If you’re struggling to determine if it’s time to consider this option, the following tips can help.

Deteriorating Health

While some senior health conditions don’t require extra care, some medical conditions can make daily life more challenging. If your loved one needs more extensive care outside your capabilities, affordable assisted living in OKC can be the ideal solution. These facilities have medical professionals on staff to ensure seniors get the care they need at all times. 

Difficulty with Daily Life Tasks

Many seniors begin to struggle with many aspects of their daily lives. Some find taking care of a house too challenging, often indicated by a messy home or lacking ability to handle routine maintenance. Others may show signs of this through poor hygiene practices. When your loved one can no longer manage what should be simple daily tasks, it’s time to consider Oklahoma assisted living as a better option for their living situation.

Feelings of Isolation

As seniors lose their mobility, they often experience feelings of isolation. If their spouse has passed, isolation becomes even more pronounced. While some people do enjoy solitude, loneliness can cause various other problems for seniors, including depression, a reduced life span, and can even lead to addiction. Moving your aging parent into affordable assisted living in OKC gives them the gift of socialization with neighbors who may share interests and plenty of social activities to enjoy. 

Poor Eating Habits

When trips to the grocery store and cooking become too much of a challenge for seniors, they may resort to ordering low-quality fast food or simply not eating at all. These poor eating choices can lead to more severe physical and health problems. The good news is most assisted living options offer excellent dining plans, so you can rest assured your loved one is eating healthy. 

Financial Struggles

One reason many people hesitate to look at assisted living options is due to the cost. However, when you factor in renovations to make their home safe and the cost of helping out around their house, you may find the all-inclusive nature at an assisted living facility is more affordable than you thought. In addition, when seniors suffer from memory issues, they may begin forgetting to pay bills or are more likely to fall victim to scams. An assisted living facility eliminates the need to worry about bills and reduces the risk of getting scammed. It’s often a wise financial choice.

Physician Recommendations

Doctors are well versed in taking care of seniors and can often spot warning signs you may not notice. If you’re thinking about assisted living for your aging parent, it can be worth attending their next doctor’s appointment with them. You can share your concerns and talk with a professional who can let you know if it’s the best decision for your loved one based on their unique situation.

If you’re looking for affordable assisted living in OKC, contact us. We’ll be happy to show you what we offer and how we can help your loved one live a better quality of life.

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