Is It Time to Consider Assisted Living?

May 2nd, 2019 by John Wilson

Most aging individuals would much rather age in place than move into assisted living communities in OKC, primarily because they are afraid of losing their independence. The good news is assisted living allows them to maintain their independence, all while getting the daily assistance they may require. However, this doesn’t mean it is an easy decision. The choice to move to affordable senior housing can be a tough one. How do you know it’s time to start thinking about it?

Medical Conditions

One of the biggest reasons individuals seek out affordable assisted living in Oklahoma is due to a medical condition that makes it more difficult for them to care for themselves. In some situations, they may be perfectly capable of handling many daily tasks, but they may need a little assistance in some areas or it may simply be safer to have more immediate access to medical care if required. Talk to your loved one’s doctor about whether they may benefit from this type of care now or in the near future so you can start looking.

Seniors can stay independent in assisted living communities.

Assisted living communities can help seniors remain independent.

Isolation Concerns

Another major concern individuals may have about their senior loved ones is the risk of isolation. Studies show when seniors are more isolated, either due to mobility issues or other problems, they can develop more serious issues, such as depression. When a senior makes the move to assisted living communities in OKC, they are surrounded by others in the same age group, many of whom share their interests. Being in this environment helps them make new friends and keep up with social interactions. This, in turn, can boost your senior’s overall health.

Messy Living Space

It can quickly become difficult for seniors to keep up with the daily cleaning tasks required to keep their homes safe and healthy. If you visit and notice they are letting many of these tasks go for far too long, it may be time to discuss the need for affordable senior housing. These housing options often provide cleaning services so seniors can enjoy a cleaner environment to improve their overall health and well being.

Poor Hygiene

In addition to having trouble keeping their homes clean, many seniors often start to fail with their daily hygiene tasks. This can be due to a number of factors, such as memory loss, depression and even physical limitations. This can be a difficult subject to discuss, but bringing it up can open the conversation to the benefits of affordable assisted living in Oklahoma, giving your loved one a chance to live a more normal lifestyle again.

Making the move to assisted living isn’t always easy, but it can provide a vast number of advantages for senior residents. If you think it may be time for your loved one to make this move, contact us. We can provide the necessary information so you can have an informed discussion with your aging relative to help them make the best decision.

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