Is It Getting Dangerous for Your Aging Parent to Live Alone?

December 15th, 2015 by John Wilson

Alleviate danger with assisted living for seniors.

Assisted living for seniors can help alleviate dangers.

Whether your concerns are about your parent missing their medications or slipping on that floor mat by the door, most of us will be pondering this same question at some point. Moving your parent to senior assisted living in OKC may likely be in your future, but when? If your parent is otherwise happy at home, the issue becomes even more difficult. At what point should your concern about a parent’s safety and well-being take precedence over their happiness?

As we age, we become vulnerable to situations that were never before a problem. These events occur at different times for everyone and often appear slowly and subtly so they are easily overlooked. You are wise to be vigilant about situations that have become an endangerment to your parent.

Vulnerability to Falls

Every year, one in three adults over the age of 65 will suffer a fall. Removing a throw rug may seem like an obvious solution to preventing a fall; however, there are other factors that could be the cause. Changes in vision, poor lighting, osteoporosis and dizziness from medications may all contribute to falls. When an elderly person who lives alone suffers a fall, they are not always able to reach out for help. Receiving immediate medical attention can make a difference in their recovery, often between independence and permanently relying upon a device.

Not the Same Old Neighborhood

Does your parent still feel safe at home? If you’ve noticed changes in the neighborhood that are making you uncomfortable, it is likely your parent has noticed as well. Familiar neighbors whom your parent once knew and trusted have moved or passed away and been replaced by strangers. Your parent may have begun to feel isolated and unsure of their safety in a changing neighborhood. If you determine it’s time for your parent to leave home, there are affordable options for assisted living for seniors in Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas.

Keep your loved one safer in senior assisted living.

Senior assisted living can help keep your loved one safer.

Memory Loss

The aging population living alone is susceptible to many complications caused by memory loss. Forgetting the name of someone doesn’t pose any real danger. Forgetting to take a medication or doubling up on a medication already taken can present serious medical problems. Forgetting to turn off the stove or lock a door at night presents even more risks.

Housekeeping and Nutrition Concerns

Accumulating clutter, skipped meals and dehydration also contribute to anxieties about an aging parent’s well-being and safety. While avoiding dehydration should be easy enough to manage, many elderly people cannot sense they are dehydrated before symptoms become too severe, which often requires hospitalization.

If you’ve started asking yourself if it’s too dangerous for your parent to live alone, it might be time to seek an answer to that question. Call us any time. At the Village at Oakwood, our compassionate staff understands all of your concerns and can offer guidance as you ponder your aging parent’s future. Our resident solutions not only take the worry out of leaving your parent alone, but offer many possibilities for an engaging life living in solitude cannot provide.

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