Is It a Good Idea to Move Your Elderly Parents into Your Home?

October 20th, 2016 by John Wilson

When your parents reach the point they need help with such daily tasks as bathing and cooking or are experiencing mental or physical impairments that worry you, it’s time to contemplate a new living arrangement.

While the cost of assisted living in OKC is among the least expensive in the country, many people seriously consider moving their elderly parents into their own homes to save money. In some cases, that approach can work well and be rewarding for both the seniors and their adult children. In other cases, it can have the opposite effect: stress, anxiety and damaged relationships. Here are some things to think about if you’re considering inviting your parents to live with you.

What Type of Care Will Your Parent Need?

One of the most important considerations when contemplating home care vs. assisted living is your parent’s mental and physical state. If your parent is generally self-sufficient and mentally sharp, yet needs occasional help, a home care situation may be feasible. However, the greater your parent’s physical limitations, the more difficult, disruptive and expensive it will be for you to accommodate him in your home. You, a family member or a hired aide will need to be available 24/7 to assist your parent. If your parent has or is developing Alzheimer’s or dementia, the challenges and requirements of home care are even greater. In both cases, you will need to be available, hands-on and probably retrofit your house to keep your loved one safe.

Understand the differences in home care vs assisted living.

Evaluate home care vs assisted living.

What Type of Relationship Do You and Your Family Have with Your Parent?

How well do you and your parent get along? How well do your spouse and children get along with your parent? Moving a new person into your home will completely change the family dynamic. If your relationship living apart was strained, living under the same roof and serving as a caregiver could be disastrous. If you and your family have a good relationship with your parent, a home care approach could work. It could even strengthen relationships by allowing you to spend more quality time together.

What Are the Financial Implications?

If your loved one is willing and able to contribute financially to your household, an in-home scenario may be mutually beneficial. If your parent has savings and is able to help with the mortgage, utilities, and expenses, that can alleviate some of your financial stress and give you a more positive attitude toward caring for him or her. If your parent isn’t able to contribute financially, moving him or her into your home could cause financial hardships that could lead to resentment. In that case, a better option for both parties may be to find an affordable, quality Oklahoma assisted living facility.

If your aging parent can no longer safely live alone, we encourage you to learn more about Village at Oakwood. Not only do we provide affordable assisted living in Oklahoma City, but we provide caring and compassionate Oklahoma assisted living. While in-home care may work for your family, we encourage you to contact us before you make this life-altering decision.

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