Is Coffee Beneficial or Harmful for Seniors?

August 21st, 2018 by John Wilson

It seems most people can’t get through the morning without at least one strong cup of coffee. You probably remember your parents indulging in a cup or two at breakfast when you were a child. There’s a good chance they still enjoy a mug full of coffee, even now. However, is that really good for them?

Now that your parent is an elder, their physical health has changed considerably. The foods and beverages that didn’t affect them when they were younger can create different effects on their health now. That, of course, includes anything caffeinated. While there’s no need to panic over Mom or Dad having coffee with breakfast, it’s still worth keeping in mind what coffee can do in terms of senior health. There are both benefits and drawbacks.

It Could Be Good for the Heart

Several studies exist regarding coffee and how it interacts with the cardiovascular system. However, none of them seem to be able to arrive at the same answer. Some studies show coffee is good for the heart and can help fend against disease. Other studies show coffee may place stress on the heart and even make it more likely for disease to develop. If you have a loved one in assisted living care in OKC, it never hurts to speak directly with a nurse there about whether your loved one’s coffee intake is acceptable for their heart health.

Coffee may be an option for those in senior living.

Those in senior living should be careful with coffee.

It Can Worsen Dementia

While there’s no real verdict on caffeine and heart health, the relationship between caffeine and dementia is a different story. However, the risk doesn’t lie with the caffeine itself. As your loved one’s memory continues to degrade, they may forget specific elements of their daily routine. This includes whether they’ve had their morning coffee. As a result, they may drink another cup in addition to the one or two they’ve already had in order to catch up. Too much coffee is never good for anyone, but especially not for seniors in already delicate health.

If your parent or relative enjoys caffeinated beverages but is also living with dementia, be sure to talk with caretakers at their senior living facility. They can keep an eye on your loved one and help them keep track of their routine so they don’t cause themselves accidental harm.

It Eases Symptoms of Inflammation

There may be a positive relationship between caffeine and diseases that cause inflammation, such as asthma and diabetes. Scientists find the more coffee a person drinks, the less likely they are to be affected by inflammatory symptoms. Therefore, if your elderly parent struggles with inflammation on a day-to-day basis, it may help them a bit to enjoy a nice cup of coffee during mornings.

It’s always important to look into numerous assisted living options in Oklahoma City for your senior loved one, especially if they’re in delicate health. At Village at Oakwood, our staff can help cater to a wide variety of health needs and generally strive to keep your relative as comfortable as possible. Contact us today to learn more about our services and facility.

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