Is Assisted Living the Right Move: These Questions May Help You Decide

April 23rd, 2015 by John Wilson

Find out if senior citizen assisted living is the right option for your loved one.

Is senior citizen assisted living the right choice for your loved one?

Senior citizen assisted living isn’t something many elderly individuals like to think about. They often don’t want to leave their homes behind because they feel they will lose their independence and what they’ve worked hard for. They may worry whether they can really find affordable assisted living options. Because the elderly often don’t realize their need for living assistance, it’s important to ask the right questions so you can help them make a good choice.

Is Your Loved One Managing Daily Life?

One of the best indicators is whether your loved one can handle the demands of day-to-day living tasks. Visit your aging loved one often to determine whether they are eating well, exercising proper hygiene and keeping their house orderly. These tasks are often the first ones to be neglected when the rigors of managing a household become too much for an elderly individual. A lack of hygiene, poor diet and a messy home can all be indicators that senior citizen assisted living may be needed.

Is Your Loved One in Money Trouble?

Money is often a serious problem with aging individuals. Scammers often target the elderly and it’s not uncommon for them to forget to pay bills, which can lead to serious financial trouble. If you’ve asked yourself “how much does assisted living cost?” you would be surprised to find affordable assisted living options are available. Once you put your loved one in an assisted living home, you won’t have to worry about how they are managing their money. You will be able to handle the bills and senior living homes often help prevent senior fraud.

Is Your Loved One Suffering from Medical Issues?

Medical issues are often difficult for seniors to manage effectively. There can be numerous doctor visits and medication is often a necessity. Unfortunately, too many aging individuals forget to take critical medication, which can cause their condition to worsen. Senior citizen assisted living facilities typically include medication management to ensure seniors are taking their medication on time. They can also help the elderly get to their doctor appointments.

Does Your Loved One Seem Different?

It’s not uncommon for personality changes to take place as you age, but they shouldn’t be extreme. If you notice your loved one is frequently acting out of character, it may be time to explore the option of living assistance. At an assisted care facility, individuals can get the attention they need to identify problems and help them live their life to the fullest.

Affordable assisted living is a possibility for those who truly need it. However, it’s often up to family members to help seniors determine their need for senior citizen assisted living. Asking these simple questions can help you identify the signs your loved one may benefit from this environment rather than continuing to live on their own.

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