Is Ageism in America Getting Worse?

June 29th, 2017 by John Wilson

Just about everyone understands what it means to be considered a racist or a sexist, but have you ever heard of the term ageism? This term refers to prejudice against the aging population, stereotyping seniors and creating a negative perception of the aging process in general. In today’s society, it seems as though this thought process is growing worse, placing a stigma on senior care services in OKC and making life more difficult for this age group in general.

A Growing Senior Population

Due to medical advances and population growth, the number of seniors in society has grown dramatically over the years. People are living longer, healthier lives, which means there are more aging individuals who will need senior care services over the years. It also means ageism is something that needs to be addressed to ensure these people will be able to live a more enjoyable life as they enter their later years. This is why more research is being conducted on this phenomenon and why it’s so important to find ways to combat ageism, which can show itself in the ideas that older individuals should step out of important workplace positions to make room for younger employees, as well as the idea seniors shouldn’t use so many public resources to survive.

Ageism can be reduced with proper senior care services.

Senior care services fight against ageism.

Examples of Ageism

Those who are unfamiliar with the term ageism may not understand what it means or how it is present in today’s society. However there are several examples that clearly show the way seniors are often discriminated against, even though it isn’t always as evident as racism or sexism.

Combatting Ageism

It’s just as important to fight against ageism as it is to battle sexism and racism. One of the best ways to do this is to talk about issues. Discussing the healthcare crisis as the senior population grows or senior care services in OKC can all help create a more positive outlook on getting older and ensure the right steps are taken to ensure everyone has the care and help they need as they age. Everyone will get older and it’s important for younger people to be prepared or face being treated in the same way by future generations.

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