Introducing a New Computer App Designed for Seniors in Assisted Living

February 2nd, 2017 by John Wilson

Not all senior living in Oklahoma City is created equally. Of course, the best facilities provide compassionate care in clean, uplifting facilities with plenty of opportunities for social engagement. Another characteristic the best facilities share is a sincere desire to engage and empower their residents. Seniors who are given opportunities to exercise their most important muscle, their brains, are happier. Thanks to a new computer app, they can also be mentally and physically healthier.

What Is eSenior Care?

Physicians and senior advocates agree eSenior Care is, hands down, one of the best computer apps for seniors. It helps seniors take ownership of their own physical well-being. This exciting app, developed by researchers at the University of Notre Dame, makes it easy for seniors to communicate with their doctors and caregivers from the convenience of a handheld device. It allows medical providers to quickly check in with their older patients often, to find out how they’re doing, answer any questions and remind them of the steps they need to be doing to stay healthy.

The best computer apps for seniors make life easier.

Learn about the best computer apps for seniors.

Specific Capabilities of the New App

Seniors who have access to the eSenior Care app not only can communicate back and forth with their medical care providers, but they can also:

Even though seniors in assisted living in Oklahoma City are surrounded by caregivers around the clock, there’s something rewarding about doing something on your own. Seniors who use this app report they appreciate having the independence to take ownership of such a critical part of their lives.

The Senior Population Is Growing, and Technology Developers Are Taking Note

According to the National Center for Assisted Living, nearly 750,000 U.S. seniors reside in assisted living centers. Senior assisted living in OKC is an especially popular option because the Sooner State offers some of the highest-quality, lowest-cost senior care options. With excellent care, seniors are living longer than ever. Technology developers represent just one of the many groups taking a closer look at this important demographic and creating products and services catering to older adults.

If you’ve begun researching senior living in Oklahoma City, as you contemplate your options make sure to evaluate how tech-savvy the staff and residents are. eSeniorCare is just one example of the many ways seniors can improve their quality of life by embracing technology. At Village at Oakwood, we are always on the lookout for products, processes and technologies we can incorporate to improve our residents’ lives. If you would like to see some of these advances in person, contact us at Village at Oakwood to schedule a tour!

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