Interesting Facts About Men, Aging and Assisted Living

October 13th, 2015 by John Wilson

Learn these senior living facts about men.

Senior living facts about men vary from those about women.

Men and women are different in many ways so it’s not surprising they would age differently too. When most people think of senior living in OKC, they think of older women who don’t have the support they need to live independently.  However, assisted living facilities in Oklahoma are seeing more elderly men than in years past. Following are some interesting facts that relate to aging men and assisted living.

Men Don’t Live as Long

While there are some men who live longer than women, the overall average life expectancy of men is lower than the lifespan of women. The World Health Organization estimates women typically live five years longer than their male counterparts. There are a number of reasons for this discrepancy. For instance, some scientists believe men have a higher risk of falling into dangerous behaviors, such as smoking and drinking. The male immune system may also be to blame.

Older Men Claim to Be Happier

Research has shown that men have a more difficult time with the prospect of aging. However, despite these reports, in surveys, aging men often indicate a higher level of happiness than their female counterparts. This is in contrast to a higher percentage of women who are happier in their younger years.

Men Are Less Concerned About Aging

Women are constantly concerned about their appearance, often taking great efforts to disguise the signs of aging, such as gray hair and wrinkles. Men are less likely to be concerned about the changes in their appearance. This is just one of the reasons they are less fearful of the aging process. However, this doesn’t mean they have no concerns. Men are often worried about physical weakness, dementia, impotence, dependence on others and lack of purpose.

Aging men can benefit from assisted living facilities.

Assisted living facilities cater to the needs of aging men.

Men Are Perceived as Older Later in Life

If you think about an old woman versus an old man, odds are you envision a woman as elderly at a younger age than you consider a man to be old. For instance, some see a 65-year-old woman as old, while a man of the same age may be seen as relatively young. This is why many younger women are still attracted to older men, while the reverse is not typically true.

Fewer Men Turn to Assisted Living

When you look at the population in senior living in OKC, you will notice a larger percentage of the residents are women versus men. The shorter lifespan of men may be partially responsible for these numbers. However, men often have a more difficult time letting go of their independence. Because assisted living facilities in Oklahoma are often seen as a place for aging women, they are now focusing on implementing activities aimed at the male demographic.

Even though more women than men live in senior living situations, aging men often still need assistance. Understanding the differences between men and women as they age can help open the lines of communication. Discussing the need for senior living in OKC can provide the guidance needed to help the elderly male in your life make the right choice.

If you’re looking for assisted living facilities in Oklahoma City, contact us. We offer activities and amenities that appeal to both men and women.

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