Independent Living vs Assisted Living: How to Choose

May 7th, 2019 by John Wilson

When it comes time to consider independent living in Oklahoma City versus assisted living, it can be difficult to make a decision. As you get older, it can become more difficult to manage everyday tasks, such as meal preparation, cleaning and sometimes even daily hygiene activities. When these issues begin to develop, many families start thinking about making the move to assisted living communities to make sure their loved ones are well cared for. Before you make your final decision, though, it’s necessary to understand the differences between these two types of living arrangements.

Independent Living

One of the biggest issues seniors have with the idea of Oklahoma assisted living is they don’t want to lose the level of independence they have in their own homes. They may not require help every day but would benefit from being close to someone who could help if the need arises. This is where independent living options can be the ideal choice. Each resident has their own full living space, allowing them to do everything on their own if they are capable. However, if they do require assistance for anything, help is on hand. In some cases, any amenities residents choose to take advantage of, such as housekeeping or maintenance, may cost extra beyond their monthly rent. Therefore, it’s important to understand what those extra fees may be before making this decision.

Seniors can feel at home in assisted living communities.

Assisted living communities help seniors feel at home.

Assisted Living

Residents who choose assisted living communities typically require help on a more regular basis. The good news is most residents still enjoy a high level of independence and privacy in these living situations. One of the main differences is those who live here often take full advantage of services designed to help with daily tasks and the costs associated with these services is included in the monthly rental charges. In addition, these facilities often offer a number of other amenities to help keep seniors active and engaged, including a regular schedule of activities and potentially even outings. They encourage their residents to stay active and interact with each other, which can have a number of health benefits, both physically and mentally.

How to Choose

Now that you understand the main differences between assisted living and independent living in Oklahoma City, it’s time to explore which option is right for your loved one. Assisted living communities can often be more expensive than independent living because of all of the amenities that are included. However, if your loved one needs the extra assistance, moving them into assisted living can often be the right choice. Because it can be traumatic for the elderly to move from the home they are used to, it’s important to make sure you choose the right facility for their long-term needs. In many cases, this means making the move to assisted living so they have full access to all the assistance they may need, especially if they have a medical condition that is likely to worsen over time.

If you’re looking for the right assisted living communities for your loved one, contact us. We’ll discuss all of the options we offer to our residents.

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