If I Live Alone, How Can I Tell When It’s Time to Move to Assisted Living?

December 15th, 2016 by John Wilson

Sometimes it’s much easier to give someone else advice than it is to make smart choices for yourself. Case in point: Deciding when it’s time to consider moving into one of the many assisted living communities in OKC. The simple fact you are considering this important question is evidence you are mentally sharp. That’s great! If you do decide to transition to assisted living in Oklahoma City, you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised to discover the best facilities offer many opportunities for mental stimulation. Back to the issue at hand: How do you know if it’s time? Here are three indicators.

Maintaining Your Home Is Physically Exhausting

Most seniors who live independently don’t have the luxury of maintaining a daily housekeeper. Even if you have occasional outside help, simple tasks may exhaust you. If doing the laundry, cooking for yourself and keeping your home relatively clean are taking an enormous toll, it’s time to at least consider an assisted living facility. Most assisted living facilities provide housekeeping and laundry services and three nutritious meals prepared by actual chefs. In some ways, assisted living is like being on vacation! You’re able to relax and enjoy your life while others do all of the work.

Senior living is made easier in assisted living.

Assisted living can make life easier.

You’re Tripping and Falling More Often than Usual

If you find it physically difficult to bathe yourself, dress yourself or make it to the bathroom or kitchen, consider assisted living. When you move to assisted living in Oklahoma City or anywhere else, arguably the biggest benefit is being able to rely on caregivers any time you need extra assistance. Unfortunately, there are plenty of stories of seniors who resisted moving to assisted living, only to fall and injure themselves and eventually move to assisted living as a result. Don’t risk your health and well-being if getting around your home is treacherous.

Your Friends, Loved Ones and Doctors Are Encouraging the Move

The people closest to you have your best interests at heart. They may not feel comfortable stating directly they’re worried about you living alone. Instead, they may drop subtle hints and hope you come to the realization on your own that it’s time to consider assisted living. Listen for these cues. Then start a dialogue with those who love you and ask for their input.

Most seniors initially find it tough to decide to move to an assisted living facility. However, our experience with our residents is after a transition period, most people agree wholeheartedly moving to senior living was the best decision. Village at Oakwood, OKC’s first affordable assisted living center, strives to create an uplifting, fun environment where residents have regular opportunities to socialize and always have access to fun, mentally and physically challenging activities. The first step in your journey is to tour some assisted living communities in OKC. We would love to set up a tour of Village at Oakwood for you and your family. Contact us and we will make that happen. We can’t wait to meet you!

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