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How to Tell Your Family You Can’t Continue to Care for Elderly Parents

Come to an agreement on senior assisted living.

Many families attempt to help their senior loved ones remain in their homes rather than sending them to senior assisted living in OKC. While some families can easily manage this task, others often find the balance between their daily responsibilities and taking care of an aging loved one become too much over time. Many people feel guilty about this overwhelming sense. They can be intimidated when it comes time to talk to the rest of the family about moving to affordable assisted living. These tips can help guide you through this difficult conversation and ensure everyone is on the same page.

Use “I” Statements

It’s essential to approach the situation from a personal perspective rather than shifting the blame onto the aging family member who has no control over their changing needs. The use of “I” statements is the ideal way to express the way you feel without placing guilt or blame on anyone else. For instance, saying “I no longer have the time to transport Dad to his doctor’s appointments” or “I’m finding it too challenging to take care of my children and Mom without making sacrifices with one or the other” lets your family know you are overwhelmed, and it has nothing to do with your aging parent themselves. Be prepared with alternate solutions, such as affordable assisted living.

Acknowledge How Things Change for Others

Affordable assisted living is a viable option for many seniors.
Talk to your family about affordable assisted living.

While it’s necessary to use statements that reflect your personal feelings, it’s also critical to consider how stepping back will affect others in your family as well. Remember, if you need to take a step back, siblings or other family members will feel a sense of duty to step up, making it important to consider things from their perspective. If all of your siblings and other close relatives also have significant personal responsibilities, there’s no shame in suggesting a move to Oklahoma assisted living. In fact, for many seniors, the benefits of these facilities often far outweigh the cons.

Offer Other Ways You Can Help

Perhaps you are no longer available to transport your parents to appointments due to a busy schedule, but maybe you can offer to clean their house once a week or prepare meals for them several nights a month. Before you talk to your family about stepping back from care, think about the other ways you could help instead. Even if they don’t take you up on the offer, at least you have made an effort to remain involved.

Consider Working with a Mediator

Sometimes these family discussions become difficult and heated, even if you do everything the right way. It’s challenging for families to learn the best way to take care of an aging parent’s needs without sacrificing other areas of their lives, such as with their children, work and other essential obligations. In these situations, it can help to bring in a neutral third party who can make recommendations your family may not have considered or can better explain the benefits of senior assisted living in OKC. This process can help your family realize you aren’t giving up on your aging parents but are instead trying to give them the best quality of life in their remaining years.

If you’re considering making the switch to affordable assisted living for your aging loved one, contact us. We can help you understand the benefits of assisted living and why it may be the next best thing to providing elder care yourself.

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