How to Talk to Your Father About Assisted Living

August 25th, 2015 by John Wilson

Make the decision easier by talking about assisted living.

Talking to your father about assisted living can help make the decision easier.

Men often have a more difficult time accepting the fact they may need more help in their daily lives. This can make any discussion about assisted living communities and senior health issues particularly daunting. You don’t want to upset your dad, but he needs to realize the importance of taking precautions to ensure his health and well-being. When it comes time to talk about senior apartments in Oklahoma City, these tips will help you get the conversation started and keep it flowing smoothly.

Address His Concerns

Many men see making the move to assisted living as an admission of weakness. With previous generations, it was up to the men to be strong and to support the family. Even when children are grown and maybe even after a spouse passes away, men still feel this urge to be the strong one. Therefore, one of the first steps you take should address these feelings and concerns. Let him know that moving into senior apartments doesn’t mean he has to give up his independence. He can still take a leadership role in the community and continue to do the things he loves while under the watchful eye of the staff in case he needs assistance.

Use the Right Wording

The way you say things can have a dramatic impact on how well received your message may be. For instance, using the word “facility” can elicit feelings of being sent to a nursing home where your father feels he will be trapped inside with little or no outside interaction. However, if you talk about an assisted living community, you will create images of a neighborhood of friends. Referring to living areas as condos rather than rooms can also help with imagery.

Maintain independence in senior apartments.

Senior apartments can maintain independence.

Recognize the Need to Stay at Home

It can be easy to write off any hesitance to move into assisted living as simple stubbornness. However, there are often valid reasons behind this reluctance. Talk to your dad about why he feels he should remain in his home. Perhaps he’s having difficulty letting go of memories attached to the house or he may be struggling with the idea of his own mortality. Once you know the real reasons behind his feelings, you will be better prepared to address them.

Keep the Discussion Going

Assisted living communities and senior health issues aren’t something to be discussed once and then never again. It should be an ongoing discussion you have on a regular basis. While it’s important not to push the issue too hard, it’s a complex topic that needs to be handled lightly. Watch for openings and discuss topics as they come up in a natural, non-aggressive manner.

Talking about future living arrangements can be difficult, for men especially. This is why it’s important to explore your options and find ways to address this topic without stirring up too much anger and emotion. These tips can help you broach this complicated topic with your dad, helping him understand the value of assisted living communities.

If you’re looking for senior apartments in Oklahoma City for your dad, contact us. We can help you find ways to talk to him about the need for assisted living.

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