How to Take Care of Aging Feet

May 30th, 2017 by John Wilson

The aging body needs special attention and care. Aging brains need stimulation, aging bodies need exercise and, often, medication. Aging feet are often overlooked. However, without proper care, feet can become damaged, painful and possibly cause other complications that affect overall health and wellbeing. Here are several insightful tips gleaned from professionals who work in Oklahoma assisted living services and have seen and cared for lots of aging feet!

Wear Well-Fitting, Supportive Shoes

Fortunately, seniors who reside in assisted living care in OKC enjoy a relaxed, casual dress code and don’t typically concern themselves with squeezing their feet into uncomfortable shoes simply for the sake of fashion. Even sensible shoes can harm feet if they rub or slide, are too loose or too tight.

Take Care of Those Toenails

Even seniors who have no interest in a pretty pedicure should take an interest in their toenails. Nails that are not trimmed properly can become inverted and ingrown, which can be incredibly painful and difficult to reverse. Trim nails straight across and never below the tip of the toes to prevent that. Usually the staff of assisted living care in OKC are available to provide nail trimming help to diabetics and those with mobility challenges.

Talk to an assisted living center about their exercise programs.

An assisted living center will encourage exercise as part of staying healthy.

Achieve Moisture Balance

To keep feet healthy, dry them after they become sweaty or wet from a shower. Before bed, massage them with a quality moisturizer to prevent cracking. Additionally, a light massage will relax and rejuvenate tired feet and help increase blood flow.

Move Them or Lose Them!

If your assisted living center offers exercise opportunities, participating in them will help increase circulation to the feet. Decreased circulation is a main cause of foot problems. Other ways to increase circulation is to wiggle your toes, elevate your feet while seated or lying down, stretch or take a walk.

Soothe the Soles

The soles of the feet take a beating over the years. Over time, the muscles may begin to atrophy and the nerves may become worn, leading to a reduction of feeling in the feet, which is commonly called neuropathy. As such, the soles of your feet could become blistered, cut or develop sores and you might not realize it. It’s important to visually inspect the soles of your feet on a regular basis. If you do discover a cut, blister or sore, seek help to clean it and bandage it so it doesn’t become infected.

If you love a senior, you have many important responsibilities. These run the gamut from making sure they take their medications as directed, are safe in their homes, are eating nutritious meals regularly, and as we’ve just discovered, taking care of their feet! Being a full-time caregiver can take a toll on your relationships and your health. If you’re ready to learn more about quality Oklahoma assisted living services, contact us at Village at Oakwood. Often, transitioning to assisted living is a gift for caregivers and the seniors they love!

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