How to Retain Your Well-Being While Caring for an Aging Parent

April 16th, 2014 by John Wilson

Take care of yourself and your aging parent.

An assisted living center can help you take care of yourself and an aging parent.

Many grown children feel a responsibility for their aging parents, providing them with all the care they can. However, this can add a lot of additional stress. Balancing an already busy life of children, work and social activities with caring for an elderly parent can prove to be difficult. Even if you use senior care services at an assisted living center, learning how to maintain your own wellbeing is important.

Give Yourself a Break

It is easy to feel as if you are letting your parent down if you aren’t there every free moment. However, you will be doing your mom or dad a disservice by neglecting your own needs. Everyone needs some time to themselves or to spend time with their spouse and children. There is nothing to feel guilty about. If your parent can’t be alone, senior care services can give you the break you need to recharge so you can be a better caregiver.

Understand Your Limits

There’s no shame in admitting your parents require more care than you are able to provide. Perhaps one of your parents needs injections and you can’t handle the sight of needles. Hiring someone to provide this type of care is okay. In fact, it is better for someone else to handle the care you don’t feel you can offer than to do it incorrectly. Knowing your limits can help you feel more at ease that your parents are receiving the proper level of care.

Don’t Take Criticism to Heart

As individuals age, they may become more agitated or even aggressive. It is not a reflection on your job as a caregiver or an adult child; it is only a symptom of aging. Don’t allow this criticism to make you feel as if you aren’t the right person for the job. Focus on the love you have for your parents and understand they still love you, even if they no longer show it in the same way.

Make the Right Decisions Guilt-Free

The guilt of considering an assisted living center to take over the care of a parent can be overwhelming. Perhaps your mom or dad expressed displeasure with the idea years ago. Maybe you feel like you should be the one providing care. Regardless of why you feel guilty, remember that all decisions made from the heart are the right decision. No one knows better than you do what senior care services your parent requires.

Making the decision to place a parent in an assisted living center is not one anyone takes lightly. Whether you are the one who is providing care for an aging parent or you feel mom or dad should no longer live alone, you need to make a decision that is right for everyone, including your own wellbeing. No one wins if you don’t take care of yourself or your family as well.

If you are considering moving a parent to an assisted living center, contact us. We can help you weigh your choices carefully and make the right decision for everyone.

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