How to Resolve Sibling Disputes Concerning the Health and Welfare of Aging Parents

October 18th, 2016 by John Wilson

In many families, there comes a point in the parent-child dynamic when roles are reversed. Children become their parents’ caregivers. If you are facing tough decisions about how best to care for your aging parents and you have siblings who also care about your parents’ best interests, consider yourself fortunate. Dealing with senior care issues can be emotional and exhausting, and it’s wonderful to have support. However, there will probably be times when you and your siblings don’t see eye to eye. Here are some tips to help you resolve disputes and redirect focus on doing what’s best for your aging loved ones.

Divide and Conquer

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “too many cooks spoil the broth.” Most successful projects have a project manager who delegates tasks to his or her team. Senior care consists of many projects. Instead of arguing with siblings over each critical decision that needs to be made, try to divvy up the responsibilities so each sibling has oversight over different pieces of the puzzle. This way, everyone contributes, no one is overwhelmed and arguments about how to approach a specific task are minimized.

You and your siblings should be able to discuss the needs of your aging parents.

Learn how to discuss aging parents with civility.

Keep the Lines of Communication Open

One of the most heated discussions about dealing with aging parents is deciding when it’s time to pursue assisted living. Seniors living in OKC are fortunate to have access to many wonderful facilities that provide senior living in Oklahoma City. If you have identified what you’re certain is the best option but your sibling prefers a different facility, your loved one’s best interests may be overshadowed by you and your sibling’s stubbornness. When arguing about what facility provides the highest quality senior living in OKC or any other topic, it’s helpful if you have an unbiased mediator on call. Whether this person is a mutual friend, relative, spiritual advisor or actual professional mediator, a neutral third party can keep dialogue moving in a productive manner.

Vow to Take the High Road

If you have a sibling who is rarely willing to back down or compromise, the hard truth is you might have to embrace the role of peacemaker for the sake of your parent(s). Remind yourself your goal is to make your loved one’s final years as comfortable and pleasant as possible. Dealing with your aging parent’s health and wellbeing shouldn’t be about ego or getting your way. Calmer heads prevail, and you may need to stifle some of your opinions so you can bring a sense of calm to the table. If your dealings with your siblings are characterized with bickering and petty arguments, you’ll get nowhere. Be the one to diffuse them; your parent would be proud.

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