How to Prevent Senior Isolation in Winter

February 7th, 2017 by John Wilson

When the weather outside is frightful and days are shorter and colder, people of all ages naturally spend more time indoors. It’s not unusual for seniors to become homebound in winter because venturing outside in the cold, slick conditions can be dangerous. It’s always a good idea to check in with your senior loved one regularly, especially during the brutal winter months.

Seniors Are Especially Prone to Loneliness

One of the top reasons families decide to research assisted living options in Oklahoma City is to ensure their loved ones don’t become socially isolated. Seniors who live in an assisted living center in OKC are easily able to interact with others face to face on a daily basis. Simply talking to someone can ward off feelings of isolation and loneliness. Senior isolation is a major problem and can exacerbate existing health problems. One study conducted by a University of Chicago researcher concluded feeling extremely lonely can increase a senior’s risks of dying by 14 percent. In winter, these feelings can be greatly heightened for seniors.

Seniors stay social with assisted living options.

Assisted living options keep seniors social.

Any Contact Is Welcome Contact for a Homebound Senior

If your loved one lives alone and hasn’t yet transitioned to Oklahoma assisted living, it’s important to check in frequently during winter. If you’re not able to visit in person, consider asking neighbors to check on your loved one occasionally. Another option is to talk to your relative’s mail carrier about checking in during his route. While face-to-face interaction is ideal, a phone call can break the monotony and help seniors feel less isolated. So pick up the phone and let your fingers do the walking!

Take Your Senior Loved Out in Winter — Safely

Even in winter, it’s healthy for seniors to get outside once in awhile. If you live nearby, try to plan a weekly outing. If you have been planning to discuss assisted living options in Oklahoma City with your loved one, winter is an ideal time to do so. Why not compile a list of the best assisted living facilities in your area and tour them during the winter? A senior citizen who was reluctant to give up independent living may find the activity and energy of a senior living facility particularly refreshing in winter.

Whether you’re taking your loved one to tour an assisted living center, go to lunch or dinner or visit a relative’s home, take extra precautions in winter. Falls are more common during winter so make sure your relative wears shoes with nonskid soles. Before helping him to the car, check the sidewalk or driveway carefully for slick patches. Also, make sure he bundles up in layers! Hypothermia can set in quickly.

In winter, or in any other season, you and your family are welcome at Village at Oakwood. Our upbeat, vibrant facility may be just the solution you’ve been looking for. At Village at Oakwood, our residents are never alone! Contact us today to schedule a visit.

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