How to Organize Your Parents’ Extra Belongings When They Move to Assisted Living

October 25th, 2018 by John Wilson

When you explore assisted living options in Oklahoma City for your aging parents, one of the first things you will notice is there isn’t a lot of extra space in most senior living apartments. While these apartments make for excellent homes for seniors who may need some extra help in their daily lives, residents must downsize in order to keep these apartments from becoming too cluttered. This may involve selling or throwing out a lot of items. Yet what happens to those sentimental items you want to hold onto? The following organizational tips can help.

Sell Them Online

The Internet is a great resource for selling items. Garage sales were an easy way to get rid of items quickly in the past, but this isn’t always a feasible option. Those who attend these sales are often looking for extremely low prices. Today there are many sales websites through which you can sell items at better prices. This is especially true if you have items of greater value. You can easily connect with buyers who are likely to value these items as much as your parent does.

Assisted living homes have less space.

Downsizing is often a must for assisted living homes.

Talk to Family Members

One of the best places for treasured items your loved one can’t fit into their assisted living homes is to find a family member who would like to hold onto them. Chances are some of these belongings may have a similar level of sentimental value to other family members as well. In addition, your senior parents can rest assured their treasured belongings reside with family members who are likely to take care of them.

Consider Charitable Giving

It can feel good to give items to those in need, especially if you no longer need them. This can also be a great way to encourage your loved ones to part with some of the things they aren’t able to take with them to assisted living housing. Many organizations, like Goodwill, the Salvation Army, Easter Seals and Habitat for Humanity, can benefit from gifts like these. If your parent is a member of a church, they may also know of people in need.

Always Involve Your Parents

It can be tempting to finish these types of tasks without input from your loved one, especially if they show clear signs of attachment. However, this can contribute to feelings of resentment and could ultimately harm your relationship with them. This is why it’s best to sit down with your parents and create some lists. Figure out what they can reasonably take with them to their assisted living homes, as well as what they are okay with giving away or otherwise parting with. If they truly can’t bring themselves to get rid of certain items they can’t take with them, consider renting a storage facility for safe keeping.

If you’re considering assisted living options in Oklahoma City, contact us. We can help you determine if our facility is right for your aging parents.

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