How to Manage a Senior’s Daily Medication Schedule

May 10th, 2018 by John Wilson

As seniors get older, they are more likely to require more medications due to a variety of medical conditions that can impact their lives. This is why they often require the help of assisted living services to ensure they are keeping on track with their medications. Whether your senior loved one resides in assisted living in Oklahoma City or at home, it’s important to help your senior loved one manage their daily medication schedule so they can stay as healthy as possible for the long term.

Create a List

Being able to see what medications they need to take and when to take them on a clear list can go a long way toward keeping seniors on track. If they are residing in affordable assisted living, post this list in their kitchen or other commonly used area so they will be able to easily tell what they are supposed to take and when.

Properly Store the Medications

One of the biggest issues with managing a daily medication schedule is making sure each medication is kept properly stored. Most people keep their medications in the kitchen or bathroom, but these areas can accumulate high levels of humidity that can affect the integrity of the medication. It also makes them more accessible to younger individuals, such as grandchildren. It’s best to keep all medications in their original containers to avoid confusion between similar looking drugs.

Understand the Side Effects

Taking medication is all part of life in affordable assisted living.

Affordable assisted living can help seniors manage their medication.

Every medication has a list of potential side effects individuals need to watch for while they are taking them. Not everyone will experience side effects, but some of them can be a serious concern. While seniors need to be able to watch for these issues themselves, it can be essential for their family members and other loved ones to understand these effects so they can also keep an eye out for any changes in their loved one’s health and wellbeing.

Don’t Alter the Form

Some seniors do have difficulty taking certain forms of medication due to swallowing issues or other problems related to aging. However, it’s important to understand changing the form of the medication can actually have a detrimental impact on the way it works. If your loved requires their medication in a different form, it’s important to talk to their doctor or assisted living services about alternatives so they can get the help they need in the most comfortable manner possible.

Make Use of Technology

Today, even seniors have access to all types of technology to help make their lives easier. In fact, assisted living in Oklahoma City often has this technology readily available for their senior residents. If your loved one has a smartphone or tablet they use regularly, there are apps and other programs that can be used to track which medications to take and when. This will ensure seniors don’t make any mistakes and they are well protected for the future.

If you are looking for help managing your senior loved one’s medications, contact us. Our affordable assisted living can be the ideal solution.

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