How to Make Your Room in Assisted Living in Oklahoma City Feel Like Home

August 2nd, 2016 by John Wilson

When you live in your own home, you have plenty of opportunities to make your space your own by displaying artwork, collectibles, photos and more. You may not realize you can do the same thing when you move to assisted living in Oklahoma City. Your space may be much smaller square footage wise, but you can still make it appealing and cozy. Here are a few ways people make their assisted living space feel like home.

Incorporate Treasured Favorites and Brand New Items

If you try to recreate your long-time home, you will not be successful. Instead, bring your favorite items with you and mark your new beginning by also purchasing new items. You are moving so why not take the opportunity to purchase new bedding, decorative pillows, throw rugs and window treatments you love? Leave your clunky console TV behind and upgrade to a sleek flat-screen TV. If your favorite recliner is stained and torn, treat yourself to a new one.

Plan for Guests

Many residents of assisted living communities in OKC report they actually have more visitors than they did when they lived alone. You probably assume family and long-time friends will stop by to see you, but you may also make new friends who live at your facility and will stop by your room to visit. When you lived alone, did you greet visitors with a cold beverage, stocked candy dish and a cozy chair? You can do the same thing in your new space.

Improve your space at assisted living communities.

Assisted living communities encourage improving your space.

Splurge on Little Luxuries

Whether you love fresh-cut flowers, a daily newspaper delivery or a certain scented room spray, you can indulge in your favorites when you live in affordable assisted living in Oklahoma City. Your room may be significantly smaller than your previous home, but it is still your home and you should take some pride in personalizing it.

Embrace Color

Even if you are not able to paint the walls of your new room, you can and should still embrace color. Specific colors can encourage certain moods. Many people find yellow to be cheerful and green to be calming. If you have grandchildren or great grandchildren, consider asking them to paint a colorful canvas to hang on your wall. It will remind you of them and add personality to your space!

Let There Be Light

Like color, lighting affects mood. Just because your new space has fluorescent ceiling lighting doesn’t mean you must use it! Incorporating table and floor lamps will allow you to set the mood with lighting. Lamps and even nightlights will add warmth to your space.

Nurture Nature

While you are probably not able to have a furry friend in your new space, why not nurture your green thumb with some potted plants? Plants look nice and purify the air. Plus, nurturing them and watching them thrive is rewarding!

Assisted living need not be sterile and impersonal. In fact, it should be quite the opposite. Now that you don’t have to worry about household chores and intensive home maintenance, you can organize your space to your liking and you’ll find you’re able to keep it that way!

If you are researching assisted living communities in OKC for yourself or an aging parent or loved one, we invite you to contact us at Village at Oakwood. We would love to show you around our friendly, well-appointed community and answer any questions you may have.

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