How to Make a Home Wheelchair Friendly

June 12th, 2018 by John Wilson

Not all seniors will move into senior housing in OKC. Some of them prefer to age in place, even when they require assistance like a wheelchair. In order to provide the type of senior care these individuals require, you will have to make a few changes around the house so your home can be more wheelchair accessible.

Getting into the House

One of the biggest concerns is being able to get in and out of the house. Most homes have steps leading into and out of the home. This creates a major issue when you have a loved one who is in a wheelchair. The good news is this is often an easy solution. All you need to do is install a ramp over the stairs that makes it easy for individuals to get into and out of the home. However, you may also have to install a wider door frame to accommodate the wheelchair. This may require the assistance of experienced remodeling contractors.

The Bathroom

Another area that will likely need more extensive changes is the bathroom. An individual who spends a majority of their time in a wheelchair may benefit from a curbless shower that eliminates any tripping hazards or even allows for easy transfers between a wheelchair and a shower chair. Sinks should also be lowered and grab bars installed to make using the bathroom easier for everyone.

Accessibility changes are often necessary with senior care.

Senior care often means making accessibility changes.

Purchase New Laundry Machines

Many people still prefer the top loading washing machines, but a person in a wheelchair may have a hard time accessing them. As you explore senior living options in Oklahoma, you may want to consider investing in a new washer and dryer, particularly front loading machines. These machines will help your senior loved one in a wheelchair live more independently without relying  heavily on friends and family members.

The Kitchen

Another commonly used room in the home that can be difficult for wheelchair-bound seniors to navigate is the kitchen. This is because most kitchens tend to be one of the smallest areas of the home. It’s important to make sure you have enough space in this room to safely turn a wheelchair around with less frustration. It will also likely be necessary to lower counters and the sink, as well as consider removing or relocating cabinets so they are easier to reach without impacting the other spaces in the kitchen.


Making a home more wheelchair accessible isn’t all about physical accessibility. As individuals get older, their eyesight becomes worse. When maneuvering a wheelchair through a home, it’s important to be able to clearly see any obstacles that may be in the way. Make sure you install plenty of lighting in the right saturation to ensure clear visibility.

If your aging loved one is in a wheelchair and is aging in place, it’s critical to ensure their home fits their needs. If senior housing in OKC isn’t an option, there are changes, some minor and some major, that must be done in order to make the home more accessible.

If you would prefer senior living options in Oklahoma for your loved one, contact us. We can provide the safe environment they need, sparing you the option and expenses of completely remodeling a home.

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