How to Know When It’s the Right Time for Assisted Living

August 13th, 2014 by John Wilson

Learn how to find affordable assisted living facilities.

Senior apartments can be affordable assisted living options.

Many seniors try to avoid senior apartments for as long as possible because they want to maintain their independence and stay in the home they’ve been living in. Unfortunately, many seniors need to look for affordable assisted living to ensure they have the care and support they need, even while keeping some level of independence. Determining when it’s the right time to consider this option can be a sensitive topic.

Difficulty with Normal Tasks

It is difficult for seniors to admit they can no longer handle the daily tasks that were once completed without a second thought. Keeping an eye on how your elderly relatives handle their day-to-day lives can give you clear indicators on whether it’s time to discuss moving into senior apartments. Some of the problems you may notice can include:

Visiting your loved one often will help you identify these issues so you can address them as soon as possible. Allowing your relative to continue living alone long after these signs appear can increase the risk of a serious injury.

Increasing Needs

While you may feel responsible for ensuring your aging loved one is cared for, you probably have a busy life of your own. Having a career, as well as a family, reduces the amount of time you can dedicate to your elderly relatives. When your loved one starts requiring more attention and care than you can provide, recommending senior apartments can provide the relief you need without risking your aging relative’s wellbeing. Helping them find affordable assisted living will ease their mind about moving away from home.

A Positive Spin

It is normal for the elderly to push against leaving their home and moving into senior apartments. However, it doesn’t have to be a negative prospect. It is up to you to put a positive spin on the move to help encourage your loved one to make the right move. There are many assisted living facilities that allow seniors to maintain their independence, while having the assistance they need close by. Talking to your relative and putting the move in a positive light can make the idea of leaving their current life behind and embarking on a new adventure more appealing.

Making the decision to move a loved one into senior apartments is never easy, especially if they don’t want to leave. Unfortunately, sometimes the decision has to be made, regardless of any objections. Once you identify the need for this type of care and talk to your relative about it, you can look for affordable assisted living homes to keep your loved one safe.

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