How to Help Seniors Experiencing Shakiness or Tremors

February 28th, 2017 by John Wilson

As individuals get older, a lot of changes occur within their bodies. Among the most common health problems, an aging person may experience unexplainable shaking. If your elderly loved one is starting to have this problem, you will have to figure out the best way to help them. The main thing you need to know when noticing this type of issue is to get your elderly loved one to the doctor. A medical professional will be able to run a battery of tests and can find out why this is occurring.

The senior living communities in Oklahoma City are well-versed in the tools needed to help seniors with shaking issues. If your loved one lives in one of these senior communities, you will need to reach out to the professionals there for guidance on what to do. Below are a few changes you can make to ensure your loved one is not incapacitated by their tremors.

Putting Enlargers on Knobs and Switches

When an individual has a problem with shaking, it will be increasingly more difficult to grip the knobs and switches in their home. Without the right enlargers, a senior citizen will find it nearly impossible to do things like open a door or even turn on a light.

There are a variety of enlargers on the market designed to give your elderly loved one a better grip on these items in their assisted living centers in Oklahoma. By installing them, you will be able to remove the frustration that comes along with not being able to operate vital parts of a home. You may have to try a few enlargers to find the right fit for your loved one’s needs.

Seniors feed themselves more easily in senior living communities.

Senior living communities ensure seniors can feed themselves more easily.

Gripware Eating Utensils

Another common problem an elderly person with shaking issues will have is not being able to eat with average utensils. Trying to take a fork or spoon from the plate to their mouths usually results in a lot of spilling. For years, assisted living centers in Oklahoma have used specially designed gripware for residents with tremors. These specially designed utensils allow these residents to enjoy a meal without having to worry about spilling their food in the process.

A Stay  Bowl

The Stay Bowl is an ingenious product created to make mealtime easier for elderly people who have uncontrollable shaking. It has a uniquely designed handle and a non-skid base, which will prevent it from tipping over. Finding unique tools like this is an essential part of allowing an elderly person to live their life more independently.

The Village at Oakwood offers a variety of senior care services in OKC designed to make their residents’ lives easier. If you or your loved one is looking for a unique senior living facility, contact us for details about our community.

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