How to Help a Senior With Dementia Dress

March 7th, 2019 by John Wilson

As individuals get older, they may develop physical limitations that can create issues with regular daily tasks, such as getting dressed. However, those who suffer from dementia may have a unique set of problems. Because these seniors may feel high levels of frustration, even when residing in Oklahoma assisted living, it can become even more challenging to help them. The following tips will allow you to assist them, while allowing them to feel more independent at the same time.

Keep It Simple

When it comes to matters like getting dressed. Those living in assisted living communities in OKC, especially those who may suffer from dementia, are more likely to dress in the simplest pieces of clothing they own. You can facilitate this by going through their wardrobe and helping them weed out the items they will no longer wear. When left with an array of simple items to choose from each day, seniors will have a much easier time dressing themselves and can maintain that level of independence they’re looking for.

Dress for the Weather

The normal aging process makes it more difficult for seniors to regulate their body temperatures. This is why they often feel colder than other individuals around them. However, they often don’t think about this factor when they get dressed each morning. During the winter months, make sure they have access to plenty of layers so they can dress warmly. For the summer, breathable tops work best to keep them from getting a chill, while keeping them cool.

Seniors in assisted living can get help dressing.

Assisted living can help seniors dress appropriately.

Let Them Have a Say

One of the biggest challenges in dealing with an individual who has dementia is their struggles against losing their independence. Even when in assisted living for seniors, they may feel as though they are losing control of their lives. If you begin telling them what they should and shouldn’t wear, you can further exacerbate this issue. Instead, consider creating a system that gives them options to wear based on the weather conditions and time of year so they can easily select what they want to wear and you can rest assured it’s appropriate.

Remain Calm

It can be easy to become frustrated with an aging loved one who seems to fight you at every turn. The good news is these individuals can often be reasoned with if you remain calm and patient. Explain your reasons for what you are suggesting and help them see you are only trying to help. It’s critical to help them maintain as much independence as possible, all while keeping them safe, so they can feel in control of their lives. Your suggestions and reminders will be better accepted in these situations.

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