How to Get Your Siblings to Help With Your Senior Parents

January 17th, 2019 by John Wilson

Almost every adult either understands or comes to understand how stressful a job caring for an elderly parent can be. Gradually, it falls entirely on you to ensure the well being of the person who used to do the same for you during your younger years. On top of tending to your loved one’s needs, you also have to juggle other family responsibilities, as well as work, a social life and a large number of other duties. The last thing you need to deal with in addition to everything else is siblings who won’t cooperate and help ease some of the work.

If you’re in the situation, we offer you our sympathies, as well as some advice we hope will serve you well. Here are a few tips on how to approach your siblings about pitching in more with caring for your aging parents.

Speak Up

As the old proverb goes, “A closed mouth doesn’t get fed.” Sometimes the reason your siblings aren’t helping you more isn’t because they’re uncaring; they may believe you’re handling everything just fine on your own and don’t need their help. They may also underestimate how challenging it can be to care for your parents.

The key is to speak up when you need to and be open and clear-cut about what you need. For instance, if you’re considering moving your parent into assisted living housing, you could say, “I’m struggling to weigh the best options for Mom’s assisted living arrangements. Can you come with me on a tour this Saturday?”

Talk to your siblings about affordable assisted living for your parents.

Affordable assisted living is something to discuss with your siblings.

Decide What Type of Support You Need Most

Sometimes the help you need isn’t with day-to-day tasks but on managing your emotions and simply having someone to confide in. This holds especially true for caregivers about to place an elderly parent in assisted living housing. If this is the case for you, it never hurts to reach out. Ask your siblings if you all can just get together and talk. These get-togethers don’t have to take place in person; even asking your siblings if you can call one another or FaceTime on a regular basis can help immensely in easing the emotional load.

Take Alternative Options into Account

If neither you nor your siblings can handle caring for your parents on a regular basis, know there are other care options available to you. One of the most viable options comes in the form of assisted living communities in OKC. These facilities can provide thorough care to your senior parents at all levels, from fulfilling medical needs to psychiatric care to helping them navigate everyday life and keeping them stimulated and social. Best of all, there are a wealth of high-quality assisted living communities in OKC to choose from.

Consider starting a conversation with your siblings on finding affordable senior living in Oklahoma. Ask them to start researching local centers, their costs and their quality of care. Together, you can find ample support from assisted living housing and still ensure your parents are still well-cared for.

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