How to Encourage Your Senior Loved Ones to Socialize

September 19th, 2017 by John Wilson

One of the biggest issues many seniors go through as they age is isolation. There are a number of reasons the elderly may not socialize as much as they used to. For many, depression begins to set in, causing them to shy away from the people and things they once loved. People who mean a lot to them become ill and pass away. It can be a difficult time in anyone’s life. However, assisted living communities in Oklahoma City can help you find ways to encourage your senior loved one to socialize more.

Offer to Drive

Mobility issues are one of the most significant reasons the elderly no longer socialize as much as they used to. A fear of driving or the safety concerns driving poses leave many seniors reliant on others to get around. To help your loved one get out and socialize, offer to take him or her to see friends or go on outings.

Help with Housework

It can become difficult for seniors to take care of their living space, leaving them feeling embarrassed of its condition. Even if your loved one is in an assisted living center in OKC, they may avoid socializing if they feel their apartment is cluttered or unpresentable. Visiting on a regular basis and offering to help with these cleaning tasks can help them feel more confident in inviting others over to socialize.

Seniors can be more social in an assisted living center.

An assisted living center makes it easy for seniors to be social.

Make Them Presentable

Just as it has become difficult for the elderly to manage their housekeeping tasks, they may feel as if they aren’t looking their best and don’t want others to see them look this way. Combing and styling their hair can help them feel rejuvenated and ready to tackle social activities, whether at home or at Oklahoma assisted living facilities. Even an aging woman feels more beautiful when she is wearing her favorite makeup.

Suggest Activities

You likely know what types of activities and hobbies your senior loved one enjoys. These interests should give you some ideas for activities they may like doing that will help them get out and interact with others. Some assisted living communities in Oklahoma City allow seniors who love to cook time in the kitchen. Browse through the other offerings at the facility your loved one lives in and suggest some of them to your aging relative.

Encourage Others to Visit

It is sometimes difficult for seniors to reach out others for a number of reasons. If you notice people aren’t spending time visiting with your loved one, talk to family members and friends and encourage them to stop in. Your aging loved one will enjoy the company, especially when they don’t have to ask.

Solitude can be a dangerous thing for seniors. Even those who are in Oklahoma assisted living facilities may experience some isolation for a vast array of reasons. However, there are things you can do to encourage seniors to socialize so they can feel better about themselves and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

If you are looking for ways to get your senior loved one to socialize, contact us. Our facility offers a number of activities that will get the elderly involved.

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