How to Ease the Anxiety of Moving into a New Assisted Living Community

July 7th, 2015 by John Wilson

Make the transition to assisted living communities easier.

Assisted living communities strive to make the transition easier.

When your loved one is ready to make the move to assisted living communities, the adjustment can be a difficult one. Many seniors feel at least some anxiety at the thought of taking advantage of living assistance serving OKC and the surrounding areas. You can help alleviate these feelings by taking the following steps in helping your loved one make the transition.

Ask Plenty of Questions

One of the top questions on your loved one’s list may be, “What is assisted living for seniors?” Many people still confuse assisted living with nursing homes, but they are really much more than that. In addition to helping your aging loved one understand exactly what assisted living is, you should ask plenty of other questions, such as what amenities are available, what is included in the apartments and what activities are common. When moving into assisted living communities, it is often more comfortable when the new resident knows just what to expect.

Help Your Loved One Find a New Friend

While your loved one may be perfectly capable of finding a new friend when moving into living assistance, it might take time. If your loved one is shy, he or she may not make new friends quite so easily. Introduce yourself to the other residents you meet while your loved one is moving in. Meeting their immediate neighbors can be a great way to get your loved one started in getting to know others.

Make sure the living assistance your loved ones receive feels like home.

Living assistance shouldn’t cause anxiety.

Make Their Living Space Like Home

While assisted living communities often offer small apartments that have significantly less space than their previous home, your loved one will be more comfortable if it feels as close to home as possible. Help your aging relative unpack the belongings that mean the most to them and distribute them throughout the apartment.

Join Your Loved One for a Meal

The first meal can be one of the most difficult ones for your loved one. One of the best ways to ease your loved one into the transition is to offer to stay for his or her first dinner. You can help your loved one start a conversation with the other individuals at the table and make them feel like they are at home. Dropping in for meals occasionally can also ease your loved one’s anxiety.

Making the transition to assisted living communities can be difficult, but with your help, your loved one can feel more at ease. Anxiety over living assistance in serving OKC and the surrounding areas is a real feeling. When you validate that feeling and help your loved one overcome it, they will more quickly acclimate to their new living situation and be able to better enjoy it.

If you’re looking for assisted living communities in the Oklahoma City area, contact us. The Village at Oakwood offers all the amenities your loved one needs to stay comfortable.

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