How to Cope With a Senior Parent in Denial

December 16th, 2019 by John Wilson

When you start caring for an aging loved one, particularly a parent, it’s somewhat of a role reversal that can be difficult for everyone involved. Many seniors who need the help of assisted living care may be in denial about their needs. This can make things even more challenging. The good news is there are ways you can work with Oklahoma assisted living services to cope and help your loved one understand their needs and why assisted living can be the ideal option.

Understand Their Reasons

Even if they aren’t aware they are in denial, many seniors don’t feel this way without some reason. This makes it important to truly understand the thinking behind how they’re feeling. This can help you answer their questions and provide solutions that will help them feel more comfortable.

Be Patient

You may be more than ready for that next step, but it’s critical for your aging loved one to feel the same way. It’s easy to lose your patience and get frustrated when you want to talk about senior care services in OKC and your loved one is focused on aging in place. However, if you are able to remain patient with your loved one and let them talk about it at their own pace, you’re likely to get better results and have a more productive conversation.

Talk to Their Doctor

It can be difficult to talk to your parents about their need for assisted living care.
Assisted living care can help you talk to your senior loved one.

If your senior parent feels you have an ulterior motive in pushing for a move to assisted living care, they may be less likely to listen to you and your concerns. However, their doctor is a neutral third party they should trust with an opinion on the matter. Unfortunately, many seniors may not share everything with their doctors, and these medical professionals may not have any idea there is cause for concern. Make an appointment with your loved one’s doctor and go over any concerns or issues you are seeing and encourage them to talk to your aging parent about the need for senior care.

Be Indirect

Sometimes seniors shut down when you approach the topic of Oklahoma assisted living services directly. This can make having a conversation extremely difficult but just as essential. One way around this issue is to have indirect conversations on the topic. If other seniors they know have made the transition, guide the conversation toward them and why they made the change. It may lead your senior loved one to rethink their own views.

Give Them a Say

Seniors are typically afraid of giving up the control they still have over their lives, which leads them to be hesitant about the idea of assisted living. This is why it’s key to make sure they still get decision-making rights in the process and you ask them about their own opinions and thoughts along the way. The more control they maintain, the more receptive they will be to the idea.

If you feel your senior parent is ready for assisted living care, contact us. We can help you guide your senior loved one along the way toward making the right decision.

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