How to Care for and Support Stubborn Parents

November 21st, 2017 by John Wilson

You’ve likely noticed as individuals age, they become more set in their ways and may often act stubborn when others step in to help. This can make providing the support and care they need extremely difficult and frustrating. Fortunately, there are ways you can make this task easier. In addition to considering the use of senior care services in OKC, the following tips can help.

Understand the Source

First and foremost, it can be valuable to understand exactly why your senior loved one is acting stubborn. In most situations, this behavior is directly related to feelings of fear and frustration in the aging process. They often feel like they are losing control of their lives and fear what the future may hold. This can cause them to cling to their old habits and how they do things.

In addition to their own frustrations over the aging process, societal views and treatment of the elderly can also play a role. It’s no wonder when seniors are disrespected by younger generations they would lash out with stubbornness and other negative behaviors.

Talk It Out

One of the best things you can do is open the lines of communication with your aging loved one. Chances are your loved one doesn’t want to cause more frustration and anger, which is why it can be beneficial to listen to their concerns and provide some validation to how they are feeling. When you are empathetic to their feelings, you will quickly find it is much easier to work with them and come to a solution that makes you both happy. When the conversation does turn negative, redirecting the conversation can restore your senior loved one to a more reasonable state.

Even stubborn seniors can get the right care at the best assisted living facilities.

The best assisted living facilities can help care for stubborn seniors.

Get Another Opinion

Sometimes it’s how close you are to the individual that can play a role in how they act toward you. If you are an adult child, you may find your parents are unwilling to listen to a suggestion, simply because it came from you and they are struggling with the new parent/child dynamic aging creates. In these situations, you may want to talk to a senior care professional who can help your loved one see your suggestion is in their best interest.

You Aren’t Alone

It’s important to realize you aren’t alone in your quest to help your aging loved one make the right decisions in life. There’s no shame in turning to the best assisted living facilities in OKC to help you reach out to your parent. They have experience working with individuals in this age group and can provide you with additional guidance so you can reduce the amount of conflict.

If you’re struggling to deal with the senior care and support your aging parent requires, contact us. We understand what it’s like to manage these situations and can help you reach out in ways that don’t trigger stubborn behavior.

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