How to Care for a Loved One With Chronic Pain

March 6th, 2018 by John Wilson

Chronic pain can be a serious issue and can leave those suffering from it feeling deflated and frustrated as it becomes more difficult to handle. While professionals in assisted senior living have extensive experience in helping seniors deal with this type of pain, those providing senior care services in OKC to their own loved ones may struggle with the task. The following tips can help you take better care of your loved one.

Do Research

Chances are your senior loved one has been diagnosed with a condition that contributes to their chronic  pain. It can be invaluable to understand more about this condition and how it is treated so you know what to expect when it comes to how your loved one acts or handles their pain. Talking to their doctor can also help give you advice on how to handle the issues they may encounter.

Focus on Healthy Habits

While healthy habits aren’t going to resolve the chronic pain, it can actually work toward reducing it or potentially even help any underlying conditions, which will also lower the pain experienced. Even those who are in assisted living care in Oklahoma City will find if they exercise and eat properly, their feelings of pain will often decrease. Go on daily walks with your loved one and work together to create healthy meals they will enjoy eating. Swimming can be an excellent alternative for staying active for those with joint issues.

Those with chronic pain can help with assisted senior living.

Assisted senior living is good for those with chronic pain.

Watch for Signs of Depression

Those who are suffering from chronic pain are far more likely to go through bouts of depression. Depending on the location and severity of the pain, these individuals may feel as if they aren’t able to do the things they love and can’t help around the house the way they once did. It’s important to recognize the common symptoms of depression in seniors so you can talk to their doctor and get them the help they need quickly.

Pay Attention to Pain Cues

You may be able to help your loved one keep track of their pain meds, but sometimes the pain becomes bothersome in between doses. This is when you can provide the compassionate care needed to help your loved one get through the most difficult times. Keep an eye on your loved one’s facial expressions and the way they move to gauge whether their pain is becoming particularly difficult to handle. Offer a massage or to help them handle a certain task to give them the relief they need. You may also want to keep a log of when the pain worsens and how long ago the pain meds were consumed to help their doctor better manage their pain.

Take Care of Yourself

It will become increasingly more difficult to take care of your loved one if you aren’t also taking good care of yourself. Whether this means hiring senior care services in OKC to give yourself a break or you ask another family member to take a shift, there’s no shame in stepping back for a day or two to give yourself a much-needed breather.

If you are looking for assisted senior living for a loved one dealing with chronic pain, contact us. We can help you determine if our facility is the right fit for them.

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