How Technology Helps Seniors in Assisted Living Stay in Touch

January 28th, 2016 by John Wilson

Seniors can easily keep in touch in assisted living.

Assisted living makes it easy for senors to keep in touch.

Modern communication technologies are a vital part of the improved quality of life seniors enjoy in assisted living communities today. Smart phones, tablets and computers make it easy for a senior living in Oklahoma City to keep in touch with family and friends all over the world. Staying socially active has a positive impact on overall health and well-being. That is why many assisted living centers today offer learning programs and other technology-related services.

Staying Connected

Families are often scattered throughout the nation and even across the globe. Technology offers a valuable solution to seniors in assisted living communities seeking to maintain those relationships. For instance, they can easily use free Skype services to video chat with grandchildren in college. Facebook helps them keep up with friends. Mobile phone features, including volume control, speaker phone function and voice command dialing, add a whole new level of ease to phone calls.

With today’s technologies, seniors may find their relationships with family and friends are stronger and more pleasurable than ever. After all, communication is the key to building strong relationships, especially across family generations. Using that technology, seniors have a unique opportunity to play an active, important role in the family, via mentoring younger members, being a sympathetic confidant, imparting family history and more.

Building Social Networks

Seniors in assisted living in Oklahoma City can be active in their communities and beyond via technology. There are volunteer opportunities available, such as providing homework help and tutoring. Seniors can interact with people of all ages in online communities, which can benefit cognitive health. Often, technology has a role in building friendships between residents in senior living communities. Arranging meet-ups for shared activities, such as between exercising, walking or dining partners, is easy. These opportunities to build social networks are a valuable part of being a tech-savvy senior.

Technology can make senior living easier.

Senior living is made easier with computers and technology.

Health Care Providers

Another valuable role communication technologies play in senior living in Oklahoma City is better contact with health care providers. Not only is making and keeping track of appointments easier, but being able to communicate via email and text can improve the overall health care experience. Questions and concerns can be addressed quickly. Skype and similar programs can offer the convenience of virtual care visits. Smart phone apps can be a valuable part of reaching diet, exercise and other health-related goals.

Quality of Life

Communication technologies can enhance the experience of senior living in Oklahoma City. These technologies provide seniors with the tools they need to be engaged and active in their families and communities. It helps them nourish and strengthen the relationships that are already a part of their lives and build new ones, improving their everyday quality of life. This type of social activity plays a critical role in cognitive and emotional health, as well as having a positive impact on overall physical well-being.

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