How Seniors Can Get the Most From Medical Doctor Visits

January 17th, 2017 by John Wilson

Individuals who are 65 and older, regardless of whether they live independently or reside at an assisted living center in OKC, need regular doctor’s appointments to maintain their health. Instead of simply going through the motions by showing up, saying “ahhhh” and allowing the doctor to poke and prod, seniors should views these visits not as chores, but as opportunities. Here are three ways seniors can get the most from their appointments.

Prepare in Advance for a Doctor’s Visit

How many times have you been driving home from your doctor’s appointment only to think something like, “Oh no. I forgot to ask the doctor about my changing bowel habits” or “I forgot to talk to the doctor about those annoying side effects of my diabetes medication.” Preparation is key to making sure you leave your appointment with all the answers you needed. Always spend time before your visit writing down new developments in an existing medical condition, new symptoms you’re worried about, changes in how your respond to your medications or differences in your lifestyle you’re concerned may impact your health.

Assisted living helps with keeping your senior loved ones safe.

Keeping your senior loved ones safe is easy in assisted living.

Always Remember Patients Are Doctors’ Customer

A few of the most common complaints among individuals of any age regarding doctor’s visits are they feel rushed, talked down to or spoken to in such medicalese they don’t understand what the doctor is trying to communicate. There’s no need to tolerate that! While it is certainly true doctors are busy, you should never feel like asking them to repeat or explain something is an imposition. You should never feel reluctant to ask questions because you fear you’re taking up too much of the doctor’s time. Assuming your questions are relevant to your care, you absolutely can and should ask them. Taking up the doctor’s time with irrelevant questions about his golf game or recent vacations, on the other hand, isn’t appropriate during your medical appointment.

Leave With a Clear Understanding of Your Doctor’s Recommendations

Seniors often find it helpful to bring a spouse, adult child or a caregiver from their assisted living center in OKC along to their appointments to help them remember what was discussed. It’s also helpful to take notes. The bottom line is you need to take ownership of your healthcare. When you view your doctor as a trusted ally, rather than an intimidating presence in a white coat, you’ll be ready to gain the biggest benefits from each of your medical appointments.

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