How Senior Care Can Help Keep Your Eyes Healthy as You Age

June 25th, 2015 by John Wilson

Help the elderly protect eye sight with senior care services.

Senior care services help the elderly protect their eye sight.

As you get older, your eye sight is one of the senses that is most likely to deteriorate. Getting proper senior care services in OKC is one way you can help keep your eyes as healthy as possible to reduce the risks of losing your vision. In addition to this level of care, there are also things you can do while living senior lifestyles that will help protect your eye sight and keep you seeing better for longer.

Eating Well

Most seniors are aware eating well is an important element of staying healthy but fail to realize it can help improve their eye health as well. Foods rich in vitamins A and C, such as leafy green vegetables and fish, are important to eye sight, as are foods that contain essential omega 3. Fruit is also extremely high in beneficial antioxidants. However, senior citizens should avoid foods high in fat as much as possible. High fat content can lead to buildup in the arteries, which can have a major impact on eye sight, not to mention heart health.


Proper blood flow is essential to making sure your eyes stay as healthy as possible. Exercise is a great way to improve that blood flow, which will increase the amount of oxygen delivered to the eyes to keep the tissues healthy. In fact, regular exercise has been found to decrease the risk of macular degeneration related to aging by as much as 70 percent. This is why senior care services in OKC often encourage activity for seniors, including those as simple as taking a daily walk around the grounds.

Avoid Smoking

Most people associate smoking with an increased risk of lung cancer, but there are many other health risks that can be attributed to smoking habits. Cigarettes and other tobacco products can affect your vision by increasing oxidative stress in the eyes. In addition to its direct effect on eye sight, smoking can also decrease activity levels, which leads to a lack of exercise.

Limit Computer Time

Many seniors in assisted living centers are embracing technology, which means they are spending more time in front of the computer. If you spend time using this technology, make sure you:

Taking good care of your eyes is essential if you want to reduce the risks of macular degeneration or other conditions that negatively affect eye sight. While senior care services in OKC take steps to help seniors identify and correct eye issues, there are other things you can do to reduce your risks. Following these steps while living senior years can help preserve your eye sight for as long as possible.

If you’re looking for senior care services to help you preserve your loved one’s eye sight, contact us. The Village at Oakwood assisted living facility strives to give seniors the tools they need to live a healthy lifestyle.

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