How Laughing Improves Your Health

November 15th, 2018 by John Wilson

You may have heard the cliche that laughter is the best medicine, and even wondered whether there’s any real truth to that statement. The good news is laughter can have many health benefits, making it essential when it comes to senior assisted living. Those who live in these environments are often exposed to numerous activities that give them the opportunity to enjoy a good laugh with the other residents and friends they have made.

Short-Term Benefits

While some benefits of laughter will take some time to develop, there are some you can take advantage of immediately. Laughter can actually provide the equivalent of a small workout, such as burning calories, increasing blood flow and elevating the heart rate. It can also reduce stress hormones, helping you release that stress and feel better. This can help those in assisted living communities in OKC feel less anxious so they can live a healthier lifestyle.

Laugh together while living in assisted living communities.

Assisted living communities give plenty of opportunities to laugh together.

Long-Term Benefits

The short-term benefits are amazing, but when you learn about the effects that take time to develop and help with senior care in Oklahoma City, OK, over time, you will quickly see how important it is to keep things light and help you laugh and smile. For instance, many seniors experience chronic pain from a variety of causes. While pain medications and physical therapy can both be used to manage pain, laughter can also play a role in helping seniors feel better, even without the use of other treatment options. Laughter can also improve an individual’s mood, helping them feel happier in their day-to-day lives. There have also been studies that show laughter can actually play a role in diabetes management by increasing glucose tolerance. Overall, being able to laugh more has a positive impact on the life and wellbeing of everyone, including seniors.

Tips for Laughing More Often

Senior assisted living often offers a vast array of activities, which can all help seniors connect with others and find ways to laugh in their daily lives. However, there are many other entertainment options that can encourage seniors to laugh. Some of the ways to achieve this include:

What makes one person laugh may not have the same impact on someone else, which is why it’s important to determine what is most likely to make you laugh and then choose those activities. When you live in assisted living communities in OKC, you have access to a variety of activities and events that can help you find the best ways to get a laugh as often as possible. The more often you laugh, the more likely you are to experience the above benefits.

If you’re looking for good senior care in Oklahoma City, OK, contact us. We provide a vast array of opportunities to help seniors live the most productive and healthy lives possible.

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